Kemp In Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by catton01, Jan 22, 2009.

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    Found that on the army website.

    New 5 part series starts on Sunday 1st february.

    "Ross is embedded with Delta Company, part of the Canterbury based Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (5 Scots). "

    Hopefully as interesting as the last series. Undoubtedly will be better than Warzone!
  2. Of course there's hemp in afgwanistan,thats wot rhe fuggers main export is.
  3. I'm sorry.I'll read that again...........
  4. I've got a lot of time for this guy - at least he is risking life and limb and hopefully getting the message across to the Whitehall Mandarins as well as Joe Public. And it is yards better than 'Warzone'. He must have completed a good task book in the Old Vic!!
  5. I really enjoyed the first one. It was a good eye opener to those who watch the likes of Warzone and think it's more like that.

    Look forward to this.
  6. Just watched the last episode of his trip with I Anglians. Very moving and very well made. Liked the line at the very end:
    "Ordinary people doing extraordinary things."
    Sums it all up really, don't it ?
  7. I watched the repeat and hopefully that brought it home to average Joe than its not all buger king and pizza hut like in KAF, i still think many people really don't realise just how difficult it is for the service personnel out there.

    I think Kemp is a legend, fantastic journo!

    Seems you rushed into abit 4to8 ;)
  8. No watchie TV
  9. Saw the first episode of the new series. So much better than Warzone! He's defo in the thick of it! Hearing rounds whistling past his head

    Thumbs up to Kemp
  10. Most of the membership of this site and ARRSE would in the past sneer at Mr Kemp for his contributions to the world of Televisual arts notably the SAS drama 'Ultimate Farce' (Sic), of course Kemp was just giving the public what they wanted and reality ain't it.
    As far as his time in Afghanistan we in NZ have just finished the 1st series were he was embedded with the Royal Anglians.
    It was, I'm sure, an eyeopener for the public who see, for longer than a 5 minute news item, what our Troops are doing. Also highlighting the poor pay of ORs, lack of helicopters and the (usual) abysmal rations in the field was a good move.
    On the whole I feel Kemp and his TV crew have done (On the basis of the 1st series) some marvelous work in showing the British public what the Armed Forces are doing. Hopefully some of them may appreciate their Servicemen and women a little more in future.
    Excellent Recruiting tool as well no doubt.
  11. Looks good - not able to receive as yet, waying up it is it worth investing in Sky, when I can get free view by Sat.
  12. Episode 1 of Ross Kemp in Afghanistan (first series) on YouTube starts here.

    Episode 1 of Ross Kemp Returns to Afghanistan (new series) on YouTube starts here.
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    If you've got high-speed internet and a bit-torrent client you can download it from sites like uknova or the-box. PM me if you can't get a userid for the-box site cos I've got a couple of invites I can give out.
  14. I listened to him on Radio1 the other day. He was asked if he would do anything like the tv programme 24 his response was. Only if it was realistic cos after doing the likes of Afgan he said it wouldn't feel right if it was realistic.

    The guy has defo gone up in my respect for a tv personality

  15. Ta very much for the Linky- was driving me mad earlier on the sky website trying to find the link to watch the whole programme! :)
  16. Watching his latest series and also reading Apache Dawn. (Teenie Weenie Airways in Afganistan.)

    Never ever been to that part of the world, Kemps TV bit adds a good visual backdrop to the book.

    Better him than me. At least the squaddies and Royals have weapons to fire back. Hat off to the guy from a 'not a Ross Kemp fan'.
  17. :salute:
  18. It's on again tonight at 2300 on SKY 1, good post pub fodder, he visited most units out there when he wasn't filming and had lots of time to chat with the lads, he's a nice bloke and he reports what's going on very well, even if he does look like Nookie bear.


  19. Top bloke in my opinion and he should be awarded something for his efforts, if he has not already.
  20. He has said that he doesn't deserve any kind of award or honour and that he's humbled by the armed forces, says it all really.

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