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Kelly accused of 'chicken run' to safe seat

She is obviously not too confident of keeping her current seat. It possibly indicates the current Government's own views on how well they will do in the next election.

Hmmm - If i were living in Bolton SE, I wouldn't be too happy being represented by an MP whose only interest in me, as a member of her constituency, was to keep her snout in the Westminster trough.
I would like to see her lose her seat. Wonder if she could still afford £15000 a year to educate her son?
Confident or not, well off or not, - do the people of Bolton SE really want her ?
But, then we all know that the views/choices of the public are not considered of any interest at all by this government.
All parties have a tendency to look for nice safe sinecures for their favoured ones for various reasons. It has happened since MPs started getting together and forming parties so there is nothing new in it, when the particular MP is in favour with the media it is heralded with joy, and when not well Ms Kelly is a good example.

The press will alays find a bunch of activists who will either support or oppose depending on the line they wish to take, so no change here either.

I put this one down to press froth on the basis Ms Kelly has got herself some bad press. Keeping the pressure up on MPs like this is the press making the point to MPs to keep their hands of the press ability to publish lies and inuendo without come back, remeber the way they 'fixed up' Tory MPs in the latter days of their administration.
Daily Mail: "If true, it would echo the exodus of Tory ministers from marginal seats in the months up to the 1997 general election." :lol: :lol:

I noticed that she said that her son would be returning to the state sector for his secondary education... but how likely will it be that she will still be in Parliament then?? It sounds like the old trick of Blunkett who would promise to do something in education, or he would resign. When it became clear his target would not be achieved he got moved to another Cabinet job so it was no longer his responsibility!

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