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Hi all

Whats everybodys weekly routine for keeping the fitness up to scratch so when the phone call comes you know you will be ready ?

I do a 2 x 5 mile runs a week and some sprints on the footy field and play 6 aside football on a wednesday night. Also go swimming every other week for 1 hour. Was just wondering what other applicants do ?


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I regularly take part in international level marathon masturbation (individual category), I find that it helps with upper body strength (at least on one side, haven't quite mastered the ambidextrous discipline) and puts a real springs in one's step!

People who know me often comment on what a ****** I am.
Get plenty of pressups, situps, dips and chin ups into your routine to build strength along with your running and swimming. Buy 'fighting fit' and see how you get on with the workouts.
Took up rock climbing some months ago great all body workout, does core and seriously increases your overall strength and stamina, some of the lads there do pull ups on 2 fingers
Monday: Circuit session or five a side match.
Tuesday: Swim or bike ride.
Wednesday: Run through a local woods, about four mile or squash match.
Thursday: Swim or run.
Friday: Circuit
Saturday: circuit or run
Sunday: Swim or rest.

More of a fortnightly routine than a weekly one. Mix it up and keeping it fresh. INIT.

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