Keeping fit on Subs

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Ben93, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. Currently got an application in to join as CIS (SM) - I've read all that I can about what its like to live on a Sub, the most I can find fitness wise is that a couple of exercise bikes are fitted.

    Could anyone give me a better idea of the fitness equipment that's fitted, or if you have a regular routine for keeping fit?

    Any replies appreciated.
  2. depends on your watchkeeping and class of sub

    lets say you are on a fleet will be doing 6 hours on..then 6 hours off etc etc..

    most boats have a bike, rower and some weights...some have a rower, punch bag also in the switch board room...some have extra free weight and sit up mats etc..but not a great deal..

    if you go on a bomber, your watch keeping COULD be different and they have more to offer..
  3. If you don't mind exiting SBS-style you could always go for a swim...
  4. No treadmills?
  5. The floorspace taken up by most treadmills is pretty huge compared to a rower wedged in a space, plus pounding away (on a treadmill :wink: ) wouldn't half make some noise.
  6. OK, so are there facilities for a full turkish bath plus a driving range :?:
  7. I know where that is. It's next to the squash court opposite the NAAFI
  8. Who else is going to run the kebab shop?
  9. With the reputation of submariners as it stands, there is no reason whatsoever.
  10. what reputation is this then..?
  11. Wah!
  12. I'm not going to bite,honest. I'll leave it to Wits
  13. You could always do a little subterranean skiing
  14. RUMRAT YOU FOOL - you have just given away one of (up to now) the RN Submarine Service's greatest secrets.

    That of Underwater STC.

    Now we'll never recruit anyone hard enough to qualify, sigh.
  15. Now I feel a little sheepish :oops:[​IMG]
  16. ....on Subs ...

    Those 'Subs' are BOATS, FGS! :roll:
    but placing that harsh lesson aside:

    Keeping Fit?? Sometimes, Younker Ben 93 , you'll have to do the very opposite.....

    True Dit -

    On one patrol we dutifully slept for every single off-watch waking moment; loyally, courageously and fearlessly
    (and to not inconsiderable personal detriment).Thus serving our Queen, our Flag, and in the traditional manner that England has always been led to, and entitled, to expect.

    Our 'Lysers had the mega-gremlins: O2 candles constantly burning at both ends barely coped.....Sooooo
    All physical activity was minimised - we even reduced the watch handover scrubbing out rituals to 00.3% normal,
    Draeger tubes were read hourly (with the same anxiety as Jenny's d-i-y preggers test kits are read these days),
    I recall that many sleeping sack zips were totally worn out - but only because that was one exercise that was allowed.
    Life slowed down almost to the verge of suspended animation, such that even some Part 3s Officers noticed it.
    The Fitness fanatics fought silently among themselves for the rare opportunities to wield a can-spanner or to turn a page in the Control Room Log.
    Grim? That word could never do us justice; there were more ZZZs cracked out on that patrol than in the whole commission and induced in me a habit that continues to this very day.

    Result? you may ask?
    Our sea-lanes remained open & unmolested, plus the nasty Soviet agresssors were foiled and deterred yet again for 24/7.
    Our tattered remnants of Empire remained safe. yet blissfully unaware of the personal sacrifice and irredeemable costs to that brave boat's crew - who had so selflessly denied themselves their hitherto inalienable human right of unlimited phyical exertations.

    Exercise? Schmexercise!
  17. Take loads of porn with you that'll keep you fit!!
  18. Oh oh im going to miss my treadmill! Boo hoo. :(

    Ill have to do the tour de france ergobike style. Yay! :D
  19. On the Revenge the whole of the Upper level of the MC was kitted out with keep fit equipment!!

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