Keeping fit on a submarine

I am thinking of applying this August for ETME(SM) but i was wondering if you can realistically keep fit on a submarine. Any help will do
There's usually an exercise bike and a rowing machine, plus some weights. There's no dedicated exercise area, they're fitted where there's space.
Working out means you will sweat and May be allowed a shower if you are lucky!!

Day one bubble head basics failed ;)
JFH fixed that for you, the poster wanted to stay fit he never asked about showers?

If it is fairly basic keep in shape, a bit of CV on Bike or Rower and static gym CCT, you will be OK, if you are a runner fairly well screwed.

Lucky for me I was a Prop and always avoided running when ever possible, want something big and heavy shifting, not a problem. (well that was then, now, depends on how my back and knees are ?)
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