KBR frozen out of war canoe building by MOD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. Never been in war-canoe building AFAIK. The KBR contribution to CVF was mainly out of DML, who have some good lads, but not entirely au fait with building big ships (or any ships if we're honest).

    What is more interesting is that Drayson appears to be using the Halliburton buyout as a lever to remove one of the obstacles to his cherished Maritime Industrial Strategy, if the bit about being forced to sell their stake in Guzz is gen dit. This paves the way for Subco which is fair enough, makes sense all round. Trouble is that Shipco makes as much sense as a chocolate fireguard.........
  2. chieftiff

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  3. Whenever anyone mentions Halliburton, I think of that bloody awful stuff they poured down your throat as a kid.
  4. I think the only canoes DML built weresone tin cans for Chay Blyth and some pretty nice upmarket big yachts. No 1 son had a good time there as a naval architect spending other people money in the yacht division.

    On a more serious point I think the MOD have seen through Halliburton and it's scheming and are actively disengaging.

    Shipco is right up the government street as they know they are never going to spend enought o keep everyone busy in the medium tern never mind the long term so if they get shipco and thet 'rationalise'it will be a commercial descision notsomething enforced by thelack of orders. Subco of course will allow the closure of Devonport as all building repair and refit will move to Barrow, makes commercial sense, and once again the MOD can blaim Messy Beast.

  5. surely that was Haliborange Loggie???
  6. Pretty sure that the N safety case will not allow N fuelled submarines to be at Barrow in the future, so doubt if you can refit there.

    Its probably the reason that Devonport and Faslane will survive the Naval base cull.

    And we still have not worked how to scrap the damn things yet.

    Where else but the UK would we build in Barrow, refit in Devonport and base in Scotland. Barking.

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