Katie has gone up in my estimation.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Just read this pile of shite...


    Now to be honest, normally I couldn't stand either one of these self centred fcukwits. They epitomise everything that is fcuking retarded about people in this country and I couldn't give a fcuk about that stupid slag Jordan (or whatever she calls herself....she's still a dirty old spunk bag cnut). I really would pay good money to pour a petrol/petroleum jelly mix onto her face, set fire to it and then attempt to extinguish the flames with an ice pick. That's not to say that I wouldn't give her a sound hard buggering though and I would probably teabag her and finish off by faffing in her eyes and giving her a really bad case of sperm conjunctivitus. But I would only do it if the bitch begged me and had a crate of Stella under her arm....dirty fcuking prostitute. Anyway, I digress, the fact is that after reading the above article I must say she has gone up somewhat in my estimation. It would appear that she has done one and fcuked off with her two normal kids leaving 'Harvey the Monster' in the care of a fcuking zookeeper. RESPECT! Now although this may seem intially a cold thing to do, put yourself in her position. If you had the opportunity to start all over again would you really want to take the baggage of your previous life with you. She's done the right thing by leaving that needle dicked cnut Andre and Dwight Yorkes deformed and evil spawn behind her. I'm sure that he would be better off in a theme park somewhere in a large pit adorned with hanging tyres and metal bars at face height, where members of the public could pay to come and laugh at the 'Yorke Beast' blindly smashing into the obstacles as he becomes more and more enraged,utilising his mongo strength to throw tractor tyres around the place in frustration. You could even charge the public to buy bags of potatoes and turnips to throw at him as sport thus increasing the parks revenue. The profit made could of course go towards some kids spazwit mongtard hair lipped club foot charity! Everyones a winner! So when you look at the big picture and the possibilities, maybe Katie's done the right thing. Let's not be too quick to judge or condemn the stupid thick spunk tank bitch.
  2. Come on Ron, you saying you wouldn't want to wet ya head in between those jubblies?


  3. As stated in a previous post Jenny, I wouldn't be averse to spraying my warm salty man milk onto them and then smearing it about with my bellend. Bring back the age of romance I say.....

  4. FFS mate, will you stop holding back and just say what you really feel. Share the love :twisted:
  5. i can sum up RJ's comments in one word. GENIUS!! :D :wink:
  6. I understand that my comments may be misconstrued by some but believe me if you look objectively at my ideas and suggestions, you know they make sense. Put all the fcuking extra chromosomed cnuts and mongers into big pits for our amusement before they rise up and take over the world. With their undeniable mongo strength and imperviousness to pain, we'd have a right cnut of a job culling the fcukers before they achieved world domination.....you mark my words!
  7. Totally agree on this one. What fcuks me off the most is the vast sums of money these 2 cnuts have been getting form shite magazines and further pissing off the general populace. Why anyone actuallys gives a fcuk about such talentless mongs is beyond me.

    All said, top dit for the faffing in eyes - only after doing her up the stern tube!
  8. [​IMG]

    "Come on now mummys little mongo beast, try and eat another turnip. If you don't mummy will get a pillow and hold it over your face until you stop breathing!"
  9. Mlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  10. Just looking at the photo and I am not too sure he is dwight Yorks kid. Looks like he should be chucking Snickers bars at people with BA Baraccas his real dad!!!

  11. "Mongo Beast aint getting on no plane fool!"
  12. Of course he is "Damn fooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!"
  13. Is that you ExRD aka Nutty_Bag? You seem to have a new handle, or it (shock horror) someone pretending to be you?
  14. Tis I. Seems the site might have got a bit more interesting at last. xx

  15. Welcome back XRD. In the phot isn't Jordans little genetic experiment that bloke who was in an American sitcom years ago (can't remember the name of the show)
  16. Diff'rent Strokes....the little black dwarf motherfucker was called Arnold. His catch phrase was:

    "Wotchoo talking about Willis!"

    Little cnut........
  17. Cheers wreckers i'm getting all teary and sentimental now :twisted:

    Could you mean the short black guy in different strokes???
  18. Different Strokes, that's the one. The short ars*d mongoloid always looked like someone had shoved an air hose up his sphincter
  19. hehehe! :D
  20. I think he got done a couple of years ago for shagging kids..... safeguard!

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