Kathy Kirby RIP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by scouse, May 20, 2011.

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  1. I remember her well, such a shame that she ended her life living off the benefit system. RIP
  2. I quite fancied her when I was a 19 yr old thruster..........now I'm an OAP..........does that mean I'm on benefits, Finx ?
    RIP Kathy
  3. We should count ourselves lucky, it would seem Kathy was not so lucky.
  4. I did read online somewhere that up until her death Kathy Kirby resided at Emperors Gate, South Kensington, London - if this is the case, I will be giving up my day job on Monday and will stick my hand out for benefits so that I too can go and live at Emperors Gate!

    R.I.P. Kathy Kirby.

  5. I bought one of her vacuum cleaners. I was told to keep it quiet at the time.
    Now I shout it from the highest hill.
  6. Was it your Secret Love ?

  7. Flags don't talk of love.........dance on.
  8. I did a sing song talent night Piano thing at the "Stars and Garters" the London pub that was on the tele with a Gay compere, Ray something or other just for the one night[not on the Tele!]
    By all accounts she was in and I missed her which was a shame as I really fancied those lips,just to see her I mean.
    Talking to a night club owner in the Toon one night he had booked her at "The Dolce Vita" on the strict understanding that another now very famous vocalist was booked the next week as they had a long fling.
    I think she was passed over far to soon because of problems,to this day I still think she had a top voice.
    Hundred times better than bloody Cilla Black but that's show business I reckon.RIP
  9. The compare, was he Ray Martine, he was a bender and a fuckin jerk. Met him in Gib and he had two big beefy Knobbers with him, trying to act all macho.
    The lads I was with were all round him like flies on shit, trying to grippo him. He sent one of his beefers over to tell me to come across to their table and when I refused, he got a bitchy on and threw a hissy fit as he didn't like getting knocked back.
    Sent the beefer over to have a go at me so I punched his lamps out and threw him through the window in Sugars.

    Sugar could not have liked him either (competition) as he chucked them out and lashed me up all night.
  10. It's coming back to me now Rum,he wasn't here when I played,it seems he was a prick[or had a prick] in fact Stars and Garters wasn't a real pub at that time,it was a studio thing all shots were filmed outside the studio in a pub,where I played,called the "Aberdeen" if cockneys can place it.
    During my night as the piano backing for the talent show, it was made memorable when a Pikey walked his horse in thru the fire exit on to the stage and proceeded to sing "Big Bad John" can you imagine trying to back an out of tune singer when his horse is farting in your face over the piano?
    Glad you blanked him you would have had free drinks in the Aberdeen as he was despised by the Eastenders,I never met him but he seems a prat from all the talk.
    Still would have loved to ream Kathy though but she had a world class tight trousered superstar to see to her needs.
    Considering the long time they had together and the many millions he has made, I find it astonishing he let her live on Benefits.
  11. ''Galoshe Gob'' as my mother used to call her.
  12. Apparently she thought that affair was the reason she stopped getting so much work because her agent was jealous.She certainly never got her Brucie Bonus.
  13. // On H.M.S. Plover we had a national service tel. who I remember as "Robbie" A public school boy and a fcuking good hand, anyway Robbies dad was a big noise in the then Granada Television. Robbie was all set for a career on the box and regailed us with stories of the stars of those days. Kathy Kirby and Stars and Garters was mentioned. According to Robbie Kathys party piece at after show piss ups was "Not in the Best possible taste" To put it mildly. Can seafarer 1939[my birth year also] add anything? Ray Martine was a cnut of the highist order, I chucked him out of the Westcroft Country Club Woverhampton.:slow:
  14. Can't add anything to that Jesse.I was up for a long weekend a couple of us picked some birds up and we ended up at the "Aberdeen"
    I got up sang a few songs played the piano and was well paid enough to last me over the weekend in beer.
    Owner asked if I would back the singers for the Talent night next night which I did and was paid a whacking amount[by Seamans standards!]
    He told me Martine was the worst type of homo and was despised,Kathy had been in but I gather she hadn't watched any acts,or me playing! just went up to his office to get slaughtered or whatever.
    He told me I was welcome back any time except Wednesdays when they recorded Stars.
    That's all!
  15. Apart from annoying me in Sugars, did Ray Martine compare the show "Name that tune".
    He always reminded me of Mike Winters, of Mike and Bernie fame.
  16. Are you sure it wasn't "Name that Knob rum?" seems more appropriate!
  17. // Thanks for that Seafarer, I do remember what Robbie told us about Kathy Kirbys party piece, but even I hesitate to state it on an open forum, the Mods would shave off;- and I may end up at the wrong end of a law suit.:evil3:

  18. It was that good eh?
    Civil claims for slander or Libel cannot be brought on behalf of the dead.
    Even cases that are underway are judged to be abated if either party dies during a trial.
    So lets here it......Pretty Please.:-D

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