Jutland warship may berth with Britannia


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The Scotsman: Published Date: 18 September 2011 By Craig Brown
THE last remaining British warship of the biggest naval battle of the First World War could be berthed in Scotland as a new tourist attraction.
HMS Caroline, a C Class cruiser launched in 1914, has recently been decommissioned from its role as a training ship in Belfast harbour.
Jutland warship may berth with Britannia - Scotsman.com
It is a pity she can't be found a permanent home in Belfast where she has spent so much time but I suppose going to Scotland is a great deal better than going for scrap.


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WWI-era HMS Caroline Stars In Documentary
An Irish filmmaker has been all at sea on board a warship that survived the Battle of Jutland.

The ship was the star as Northern Visions premièred a movie on HMS Caroline - a World War I light cruiser that has been stationed in Belfast since 1924 - seeing WWII service and then being used as the base for the Royal Navy Reserve until its decommissioning.

WWI-era HMS Caroline Stars In Documentary - Northern Ireland News
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