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Discussion in 'History' started by MichaelBully1, Nov 18, 2014.

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  1. A pal of mine has asked me to post regarding the Jutland Memorial Project .

    It is also hoped to have a 'Great War at Sea Poetry' anthology published in 2016 to commemorate Jutland.

    " We are at present negotiating for premises in Portsmouth in which to open a Great War Museum, and also intend to erect a memorial to the Battle of Jutland, on Southsea seafront, with the unveiling on 31st May 2016.

    The intention is to have a Jutland Book of Remembrance in the museum, with details of all the casualties in both navies. To that end, we would like anyone who lost a relative at Jutland, or had a relative that survived the battle, to get in contact with us. We wish to collate as much information as possible, so any surviving records, diary entries or just anecdotes would be most welcome.

    We are also in touch with the German Naval Attache at their Embassy in London to assist in gathering information regarding the German losses.

    It must be stressed that support from people who may not have a direct family connection to the Battle of Jutland is also appreciated. It is important that everyone is made aware of how significant this battle was to the overall course of the Great War and that the casualties on both sides are remembered with honour........

    If you would like to be involved, then please message Keith Knight .......

    UPDATE- Keith has sadly passed away. Have removed his E mail address from the Original Post.
    Michael Bully 6th February 2016
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  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    One of my great uncles was a Mid in the forward turret of Warspite and at one point gave the STILL! after a misfire which, if the round had cooked off, could have lost the ship. She took eighty-seven hits, thirteen of them from heavy calibre shell, mostly when her rudder jammed hard over so that she described a complete circle under the concentrated fire of the whole German High Seas Fleet. One heavy shell hit ‘B’ Turret and another hit the forecastle immediately forward of his action station. The concussion inside ‘A’ turret was tremendous. The following day Warspite was nearly torpedoed by a U-boat. The first news my uncle's family had after the battle was a telegram: “Clothes burnt, send money.” The OOQ of A Turret, Bertie Packer, was promoted Lt out of turn after the battle and later served in Warspite again as her gunnery officer, and off Salerno as her captain.
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  3. Interesting - need to read to more about Warspite - there are quite a number of references to the ship in Robert K.Massie's 'Castles of Steel-Britain, Germany and the Winning of the Great War at Sea', and Nigel Steel & Peter Hart's 'Jutland 1916-Death in the Grey Wastes'.
    Just seems incredible how many hits some of the ships had to take during the battle.
    Thanks for posting.
  4. My Nan lost her Dad at Jutland a month before she was born. I have all the documents from the time including the heart breaking 'missing' and 'believed killed' letters. I also have a paper back book listing hundreds of the relatives' names and addresses of some of the names listed on the Southsea Naval Memorial, his Naval Record, (on vellum), and his Death Plaque. I also have a (pre-1916) photo of him on one of his ships. I would be very interested to hear more about the potential Museum and Memorial. Does any one know of any potential commemorative trips to Jutland please?
  5. I'm in regular contact with a relative of John Travers Cornwell VC. I could ask him if he would like to contribute and/or attend the unveiling of the memorial to the Battle of Jutland, on Southsea seafront in 2016.

  6. Thank you for that - any information on this memorial would be welcome. I feel strongly that this Battle needs to be remembered and appropriately commemorated.
  7. Hello Sussex Sam and Sweetpea . Appreciate your interest....haven't heard any more about Jutland Memorial Project. I will contact my pal from the Great War Forum who proposed the idea, and report back.
    I know that a lull in World War 1 centenary commemoration has been predicted for the anniversary period that we are now entering... between the centenaries of the start of Gallipoli Campaign and the first day at The Somme. We only have a year to organise something.
  8. Thank you for your reply - If I find out anything I will let you know and appreciate you keeping me/us in the loop.
  9. Say hello to Chris Baker for me!
    *On a serious note, please keep us posted regarding the proposed new Jutland Memorial for Southsea.
    @SussexSam I've asked around but no one I know is aware of any commemorative trips to Jutland.

  10. Heard back from my pal Keith on the Great War Forum . Nothing new concerning Jutland Memorial at this stage but he is collating information from individuals who had relatives lost at Jutland as a basis for a Book of Remembrance . If anyone wants to message me then can pass on their E mail addresses to him.

    Sussex Sam- I remember reading Peter Hart and Nigel Steel's 'Jutland 1916-Death in the Grey Wastes' : There is a mention of Jutland veterans from both sides sailing to the North Sea to lay wreaths on the water to mark the 50th anniversary of the battle in 1966. Would love to see some film of this if any can be traced.
  11. Adding the relevant paragraph from webpage above
    The Government is leading the nation in acts of commemoration 6 key dates during 2014-2018:

    • 4 August 2014 – we will host events in Glasgow, London and Belgium to mark the centenary of entry of the British Empire to the War
    • 25 April 2015 – commemorative event to mark the Gallipoli campaign
    • 31 May/1 June 2016 – commemorative event marking the Battle of Jutland commemorating the war at sea
    • 1 July 2016 – commemorative event marking the Battle of the Somme at Thiepval Memorial, France
    • 31 July 2017 – commemorative event marking the start of the 3rd Battle Ypres (Passchendaele) at Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium
    • 11 November 2018 – commemorative activity marking Armistice Day
  12. Hello, I work for the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth and I thought you would be interested to know that we are currently working on the Battle of Jutland exhibition, which will be the largest Jutland-related exhibition in the world and will open to the public in May 2016.

    As part of the project, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign which is related to Jack Cornwell and the restoration of his sketch by Frank O. Salisbury. If you are interested to find out more about it, visit:

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  13. That's great Natalia. Pleased to hear about the Jutland Exhibition. Have any former press releases gone out to announce it yet? Will message you.

    'The Orcadian' newspaper has announced that the Orkney Isle will be at the centre of the Jutland commemorations.:

    "Orkney will be at the centre of events to commemorate the largest and most significant naval battle of the First World War.

    The Battle of Jutland brought together the two most powerful naval powers of the time — the Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet and the German High Seas Fleet — in the most pivotal naval engagement of the war.

    The battle, which raged between May 31 and June 1, 1916, involved 250 ships and claimed the lives of 6,000 British and 2,500 German personnel.

    Next year, on the 100th anniversary of the battle, nationwide events are being held to honour those on both sides who lost their lives.

    In Orkney this will include a service at St Magnus Cathedral, and a commemorative event at the Royal Navy Cemetery at Lyness, Hoy, on May 31......."
  14. Hi everyone - I am aware of the Coalition Government's website for Centenary Events and have contacted various MPs including John Whittingdale to find out something about Memorial events. Disgusted to say that I have heard nothing back from anyone about Jutland! Do I seriously have to travel to Germany to join in any 'official' commemorations!! My Nan would be spinning in her grave!!
    I did hold a small memorial for my Great Grandfather and the other lost men last May 31st just off of Jutland courtesy of P+O M.V. Britannia's Captain David Pembridge who very kindly officiated at our modest memorial. Despite being in charge of a ship in a force 8 with 5,100 people on board he gave his personal time to assist us by reading a suitable prayer and we threw a small cross into the sea. My husband and I were very touched by Captain Pembridge's kindness.
    What an appalling shame that our current Government cannot show similar courtesy to our dead relatives.
  15. Sussex Sam, please see 2 posts above- seems that The Orkney Isle will host a commemoration for Jutland .
    I was wondering-perhaps it would be possible for us to see if Portsmouth Cathedral -or other church/cathedral with an obvious naval connection would host a memorial service ?
    Great to hear of your own memorial with Captain Pembridge.

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