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Just Wondering...

...Class Leaders at Raleigh, how important is it really? (In terms of future promotion prospects etc) and what difference does it make to your time there? Stupid question I know but just wondering.


War Hero
Doesn't make much difference to your promotion prospects. So don't worry if you don't get it. Most of the classes leaders I knew thought they knew it all most turned out to be mongs. That's in my experience many years ago


War Hero
Ask yourself how many 'milk monitors' get to be Managing Directors?

Who cares, it's how good a oik you are that gets promotion.
From my experiences as a member of staff at Raleigh (a few years ago), two types of recruit get made class leader:

1 - The very good, responsible, sh1t-hot high flyer who will get promoted anyway. This is to make sure the class get to where they are supposed to be, in the right rig and at the right time without us getting hassled.

2 - The total divvie. This is to give us a reason for having them screw up big time, get put on warnings quickly and DUDT. I appreciate that this is not possible now, but I'm talking about a few years ago prior to Deepcut.

Do you really want to be class leader?
oh no fcuk that Im all for being a team player and everything but I dont want to have to babysit everyone else! I was just wondering how important it was with regards to promotion.

Cheers for the info

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