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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by guterslohwire, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Im just wondering if im the only one on here looking at joining up as a supply chain loggie as most of the newbies here are more interested in the more glamourous trades. Are there any more potential Loggies out there and also serving as id like to get to know abit more about the trade ive had a fair ammount of experience myself whilst serving in the army and have been with a few differant types of unit ie Army Air Corps and logistics regts so know what kind of things im going to be doing day in day out and what are the best postings to go for once in all you help is appreciated and im looking forward to your replys
  2. Glamorous? GLAMOROUS!!

    Nothing glamorous about the other trades mate. It only seems that way because their lives are so dull they have to invent stuff to make them seem a little more interesting. The Logistics world, on the other hand, don't need to do this because we're "Living the Dream". I mean, if we went around boasting about it all the time ... everyone would want in on it and we're a bit picky about our membership.

    Well done for making it through the selection process.


    PS: Must just nip away to find me 'ould tin 'at and BPV. Got a feeling it is going to get a little bit feisty in here shortly.
  3. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  4. I am a career engineer and so this may seem a bit stange to you but...
    For the want of a nail the horse was lost
    For the want of a horse the battle was lost
    For the want of a battle the war was lost
    For the loss of the war the nation was lost........

    And all for the want of a HORSE SHOE NAIL.......

    Logistics means that the gun goes BANG and not Fecking CLICK when I pull the trigger.

    Logistics may not be glamourous, but we would be in the shit without it...
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The truth about ALL jobs in the Royal Navy & Royal Marines, as with all civilian jobs is there is often a repetitive nature to it, the difference is that you often get to do the same job in wildly differing places.

    What you must remember is that we do not fly a team of cleaners or surrogate Mothers in to clean up after you- we ALL have to do our bit. Many people claim they weren't made aware of his, the truth is, it's in all the careers literature, it's just a case of weather you read it or take notice of it.

    All jobs are inter-linked, everyone gets trained in First Aid, Damage Control & Firefighting. Even the perceived "glamorous" jobs are, when all is said and done : Jobs. The RN & RM are not an entertainment agency, to keep you amused, you get paid to work & you will be expected to work hard for long hours on many occasions. If you cannot take discipline, do not even bother joining. By way of recompense, you will work with some of the best people you've ever met & it ill change your life beyond recognition for the better.
  6. BZ to you Ninja-Stoker - fantastically put!
  7. Yeah .... ever the diplomat!! Took the fizz out of my earlier statement. Not a single shot fired ... disappointed or what!!

  8. You should have tried a bit harder SF, I'm sure with a little thought and effort you could have had a few bites.
  9. Join the Navy as a Scribe - we are the most intelligent of the whole lot - some like to push buttons and declare themselves electronic wizards. Pah!

    Some like to put coal in bunkers and call themselves stokers. Pah!

    Some like to call themselves chefs - well a can of beans and chips isn't exactly 5 star dining, now is it?

    But a scribe - the ability to pay you and not reveal to your wife details of other allotments to other ladies - well, what can I tell you?

    We're the best (or in my day we wuz, somfink might have changed since guv!)

    Ex-Scribes - China.
  10. I feel I must concur with Chinas comment. They make a great deal of sense.

    We Writers are the RN elite (don't ask the others, they'll tell you something boring like 'Stokers' are the best, bollox, who wants to wear dirty ovies all day), apart from yer basic dabber (paint brush, chippin' hammer, Jay Cloth) Writers are the oldest recognised trade in the RN.

    We are the guys who will look after your important needs, like dishing out Dais & Bachs for that foreign to Wales, or swapping all your English notes for Gib ones.

    We also do the important things, like make sure SSP is paid (or not!!).

    So, there you have it, Writers rule, the rest obey, basically.

  11. Absofcukinglutely. And if you OD's have a problem with that, come and see me on pay day!

    Writers - not only done neatly, but accurate. Lots of girlies have commented on the sharpness of one's nib....
  12. They may on the other hand (sometimes assisted by JPA):

    Not be able to use JPA.
    Totally mess your pay up.
    Post your docs to the Falklands when your actually going to Guzz
    Lose your new ID card
    Not be available during the PM due to training!!
    Inform you theres a lot of thing JPA is unable to do.
  13. Are you sure?

    Sounds like somebody else to me, not the Writers mate, maybe the WAFUs?

    We have exemplary standards and have all qualified the 'All round good egg and snappy dresser' course. With fresh breath.

    p.s. WTF is JPA?
  14. Joint Pussy Available??

    Bloody hell, I might rejoin if so! Crikey, I thought Asia was good but if this is the case, show me the way!!

    Writers are God's own creatures and are totally immaculate. We don't fcuk up, ever.

  15. LOL :thumright:
  16. We don't even know how to spell fcuk up mate.

    Joints and Pussies available? The Mob has gone a bit lefty liberal hasn't it?

    Not complaining mind, but one does give me a blinding sore head and the other puts me to sleep.
  17. Lol as an engineer, well what can you say about Scribes. I have been on the end of some Ships Office cock up, gone months with incorrect pay. But then Ive made a some mistakes as well, what grips my [email protected] though, if i cock up, needless to say there will be a ships investigation, and possible discplinary action. If Scribes cocks up, what happens...........

    But a good killick/PO writer, and they are thankfully in the majority is a god send. I will say, JPA is in its infancy, and the writers have been led into JPA blindfolded, they are learning as they go on, so patience with em.
    Plus they may not watch keep at Sea, but rarely do you see the Writers at secure, shutting up and getting their heads down. Most of the time they are working until 2100.
  18. Eh?

    You're joking? You do know we have a sleeping bag and pillow in there, don't you?

    A wee flask of hot tea and a couple of digestive biscuits..........
  19. Although being a pinky, I would have to say that the chefs must have the most difficult job onboard. In fact their training courses are so hard, none of them have ever passed.
  20. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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