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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by MarkBunt, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. not just for the marines but all Armed Forces why do only Officer carry Pistols and not the soliders ? i know there a pistol thread already but doesnt answer my question
  2. A pistol is a defensive weapon. A rifle is an offensive weapon. British forces always strive to be as offensive as possible.
  3. I carried a .38 Webley when I was cox'n of a minesweeper during the Borneo campaign. I was a Petty Officer.
  4. only when drunk! :D thus slurred jack 8O *&$%£"!
  5. is it true that in the navy you have to shoot with the intention to kill and not just deform, maim, and stop the enemy? i heard quite recently its strongly frowned upon to only use a just amount of force.
  6. I was taught that if you pointed your weapon at someone the intention should always be to kill. Don't know if it has changed since I left.
  7. the idea is to shoot at the centre of the target mass. shooting someone in a limb is wild west fantasy stuff.
    BTW the 5.56 rifle is designed to wound. the philosophy being a wounded man takes 3 people off the battlefield. the old L1A1 was designed to rip apart.
  8. Ask yourself this question.If you see Johnny Raghead running towards you with his AK 47 spitting death,do you;

    a.Shoot his kneecap,so he can the blow either you or your oppo up with the hand grenade he has in his pocket when you check him out?

    b.You blow his brains or Chest out so hes dead as a dodo and out for the count.
    Draw your own conclusions!
  9. A rifle is a heavy bit of kit,so for an Officer to lug one around it tantamount to Manual Labour!And we cant have our Officer classes doing Manual labour can we????? :lol: :lol:
  10. Im hoping to become an officer an i would rather go throught the same as everyone else!
  11. explain your post.. i am confused pink one
  12. Well all my family been forces an nobody ever made officer whereas i was told to do it by my ACLO, even thought i been given that job i don't wanna be treated any different. I would rather be in same shit as my lads than in a cushy office what ya learn i there???
  13. just think that you are in the wrong post, we were talking about weapons not the disparity between entering as an officer or a rating.

    did your ACLO check your command of the english language?
    only a pet hate, people who use TXT TYPIN
  14. Not sure how your post follows on from the rest of the thread pinkfairy.
  15. Well seeing as i acheived 9A* and 2A's in my GCSE's i think my ACLO can sleep safe in the knowledge that im not a dumbass and reading an earlier post about a weapon being 'too heavy' for an officer inspired me to write.
  16. yes you are right with those GCSE scores you will no doubt be promoted to Admiral of the fleet within 2 years or so.

    in your gcse exam did they ask you the difference between though and thought??
  17. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Where did you get your information from? Does that mean that I shouldn't still be date for my 9mm APWT as a Petty Officer?? :roll:
  18. ok i take that last comment back.. i am not here for a cat fight! dont get on the defensive so quickly
  19. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Ladies behave! Or I'll send you both to my room.... :twisted:
  20. Sorry quick fingers happens when people piss me off!

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