Just what are we defending?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Uckers Cocky Dai, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. The money's dried up for aircraft carriers Cutting back on strategic anti something thingamabobs. Fewer nuclear weapons. A thousand fewer Battle Tanks--- About to lose another frigate.

    Does it matter?
    Just what are we defending?
    The landed gentry no longer have anything to defend--All National Trust now. My Council House roof has been repaired. The country is bankcrupt so what are our soldiers losing their lives to defend?

    The Falklands are different. There might be oil there, so that will be somewhere stoutly in which to place our miltary might.

    Mind you some caution seems sensible.
    Remember The GLC Leader, Comrade Livingstone declaring London a Nuclear Free Zone. So far as I am aware the forces of evil listened and London has not been subsequently subjected to Gamma Radiation. That's newt divining for you.
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  2. The plot thickens:brushteeth:
  3. Along with the lobscouse. Put a bit more
    condensed in Chef !
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  4. what was the question again?
  5. My bold

    Oh no it isn't\wasn't
  6. Dunno what Cockroach Die's real point is but it seems that shouting at his TV is soooo yesterday.:-|
  7. Is it payback time for banning fox-hunting?
  8. It's amazing the stories of foxes encroaching into urban areas and scaring the local population (especially jumping into beds...). Something must be done about these vile creatures ...

    Cynical? .. Moi ...?
  9. Could be defending the right to free speech so you can ramble on to your hearts content Cocky.
  10. As a former bodyguard to Colonel Gaddafi I had to defend him with the phrase" Gaddafi Duck" ,Thats all Folks!

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