Just wanted to say...

Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site, I’ve been reading it for the past few months and its really helped in the decision making process with regards to my career in the Navy and answered allot of them niggling questions in the back of my mind.

I’m hoping to join up as an ETME, passed my Psychometric tests last week and my main interview is set for tomorrow (Got the old suite out of the back of my closet yesterday :afro: )

Currently sat surround by Naval paperwork including this months Navy News (what a thrilling read! Nah its pretty dam useful for picking up basic Navy Knowledge) Just trying to cram as much information into my head as possible but nerves are starting to kick in now... I know, I know I’ve read so many pre and post Interview threads on here about how easy the whole process is and not to worry about it but still keeps going round in my head.

Anyway Ill stop by nervous jabbering on, thanks again guys! :thumright:


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Good luck Birdy - you've done more prep than most! The CPO at my AFCO told me how few people bother to learn ANYTHING about the RN before their interview. You'll be fine. :thumright:
Cheers guys.

Learnt some basics about Gas Turbine and Diesel engines, but I mean real basics about there workings. Nothing about common problems or trouble shooting.

Pretty up-to-scratch on my HMS Raleigh knowledge and what Ill be doing in my 9 weeks there and also after passing out moving to HMS Sultan and some knowledge about what Ill be doing there.

Current Naval affairs and Fleet deployment was pretty tricky to learn in such a short period of time so decided just to focus on a few ship locations and current engaments like HMS Oceans work in the Carrabean and how shes been replaced by the HMS Portland... I think prolly wrong lol.

Argh I hate this, ironed my suit twice. Just want it out of the way lol!


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Good luck Birdy, I bricked it too but everyone I spoke to at the AFCO was ace. In my opinion (humble opinion) the AFCO are there to help you into the RN not to try and trick you out of it!


What a day! Interview was at 9.45 so got there for 9.30 bit nervous but feeling ok, everyone at the AFCO was great. They knew it was my interview so as they walked passed they all kept saying good luck and telling me not to be so nervous.

The actual interview itsself flew by, must of been in there over an hour, talking about Hull City AFC's prospects for most of the time, and about my Home Town alot aswell. Did'nt really get into much of the stuff Id been swatting up on but I touched on a few subjects which seemed to impress, really glad I took that extra time to do it even though I didnt use most of it. Just made me feel a bit more prepared.

So yeah, got my Medical in 2 weeks... Physical not long after that. Then thats pretty much it till I get the letter through the post giving me a start date. He seemed to think it'll be atmost around 8 months so could be looking at May next year.

Put my name forward for the RNAC course at Rosyth. Looking forward to that and should be able to get on it before Xmas which should be good!
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