just waiting now :P

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chipaz, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. well passed my medical, fitness and everything else all left now is my entry date which is 7th of feb and cant wait :) really want to do the HUET :p
  2. congrats! what are you going in as?
  3. thanks and im going in as an ETME :)
  4. When did you sit your RT chipaz?
  5. my RT?
  6. Your Psychometric test then? :roll:
  7. ''Shit do i have to do a recruitment test ''

    lol congrats mate.
  8. i'm going in 7 feb too, cant wait.. Wanting to become an M.E..
  9. When did you do the psychometric test Dave?

  10. oh a lot of us on the 7th of feb then, all seemingly stokers. if it helps you EE I sat mine around last June some time 2008 anyway
  11. Ahh thanks.

    Sat mine June '09 For ETME so wondering when ill get in.(not like it matters, i get in when i get in. Cant do nothing about it.)
  12. Did the test about March 08, but not long after doing it tore a muscle in my leg so had to postpone doing the run for 4 months. Everything is back to normal now though. Did the run in 12min but im 30 so that was well within the allowed time. I'm just working in my fitness none stop at moment as i am planning getting my run time down to below well 11mins..
  13. Ye, you should easily be able to do that. :)

    I just run 3.5miles every other evening.

    Will soon increase it to 5miles.
  14. EyeEyeSailor

    You should be starting Basic in the early spring of next year, probably in April.
  15. I'm doing similar kind of routine with the running. Not the biggest fan of distance running at all but the more ya do the better and easier it will become when we start in Feb. Really looking forward to the challenge now and looking forward to joining Sultan to. What job background are you from? Have ya done anything similar to engineering before?
  16. Lovely. 8)

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