Just waiting for a start date

Hi all,

You've probably all read a similar thread a million times. I just wanted to share my experience so far.
So I applied for WS in November 2015, short after this sat the RT and had my formal interview. Did my eye test and security vetting questionnaire (there was a bit of a break due to Xmas and New Year).
Had my medical on 05/02/16 followed by my fitness test on 23/02/16 - Passed first time. I achieved 2.4km in 12:58, I'm a 25 year old female. Was over the moon considering every time I practiced I couldn't seem to do it! Must have been the adrenaline. Intervals of sprinting and jogging worked a treat for me as I don't like running at a constant space for a long period of time!

Heard from the AFCO and its all just a waiting game until I get a start date... No idea when this will be!
No time for relaxing though, I'm training hard!
Well done
I like reading about other peoples successes. I guess I'm almost living vicariously because my application is taking an awfully long time, with what seems like a hiccup at every stage!
I'd be interested to see what sort of "waiting time" you're given now you've been successful.

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I'm not wholly sure, but there are quite regular intakes at Raleigh I seem to remember. Even every week or so? So could be you'll be in very soon. How exciting

I submitted my initial application in July 2015. Sat the RT in August. Went for my medical in October, and am still at that stage unfortunately due to a number of issues. If that's all well and good (fingers crossed), I still have the fitness test, sift interview and AIB to contend with. Could be a long road yet for me! I am committed though, and hopeful it'll all come good and be worth it in the end!

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I am super excited!.. Just got the PRNC to go which I should get a date for when I get my date for Raleigh!

It can be such a long process can't it. I would say that is the 'test' to see if those are willing to commit to such a long and drawn out process! Ah, once it's all go again I'm sure you'll sail through the rest quickly. Best of luck!
Thank you, and yes, I have had exactly the same thought! Almost as if it's a reward for those who stick at it, as well as crack the many stage application itself!

Good luck to you too, and all the best

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