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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Ben_C, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Well, prior to my medical on the 10th. I thought why not notch up the game a level.

    Now running 3 miles on tarmac and 1.5 on a tredmill everyday aswell as riding my bike to work.

    Feeling good, feeling knackered! but i'm sure i'll see some pay off soon enough!

    Anyone have any tips for keeping my nutrients in good shape for this kind of fitness level? Don't want to become ill or anything prior to the medical.

    Cheers, Ben.
  2. How about a normal balanced diet? You know breakfast, lunch, dinner including your "five a day" and not too much "junk food" :dwarf:
  3. Eat food.
  4. If you have the time, eat five or six meals a day, subsitute meals 2 & 4 with a shake (MRP), small balanced meals, one handful of carbs (rice,pasta,baked potato) and one handful of protein (tuna,chicken,any fish,etc). However this will not alay your fatigue cos ur doing to much, either 3 days on 1 day off or 1 on 1 off. Your body needs rest, without it you will be prone to summer coughs and colds.

    If you eat balanced then multi vit not really needed. but 1000mg of vit C never does to much harm,

    Check your calorific intake vs calorific burn, you can do this with a online calculator, just google calorie calculator. If your tubby then keep 500 cals under your ideal intake, if you a racing snake, keep above it!

    Ensure you eat immediatly after running, within 30 mins.

    Good Luck
  5. Thats what I like to hear..

    I'm by no means what you would call skinny, have a belly and the odd pound to shed. I also have extremely muscular legs, arms and back. (extremely used to describe muscle there with no training, obviously don't look like a body builder)

    Looks like with my level of activity I need to load in 2900 calories a day. So I'll do 2400 and see how we go!

    Cheers for your input.

  6. Well.. I feel good as ever today, got my run times down to a new personal best. Actually 2 minutes faster than what I used to be able to do when I last timed it!

    Excellent news. Want to put the incline into it next and see where we can go from there.
  7. If you are healthy there is no need to keep fit, if you are not healthy then there is no need to. [​IMG]
  8. Are you Nigerian?

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