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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by pinkprincess, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. to do it once you could blame beer,but twice? Must be love!!
  2. lol - fair point.

    I have seen some weird sh*t in my days in path lab, things like a woman's body trying to make a baby on it's own, but to be pregnant with two babies due at different times?!?!

    That's fcuked up.
  3. My good lady and I are after extending our family,will not show here the link!
  4. As Angrydoc would no doubt tell you, many seemingly strange things arise that seem biologically inexplicable but are, in fact, not too uncommon. Other phenomena arise which seem incomprihensible but are realy quite common, like people eating fried Mars Bars or even more mysteriously, volunteering to join the Crabs......... ;)
  5. I feel a Twin Peaks moment coming on :)
  6. It's not unexplainable, after all, unidentical twins are seperate eggs
  7. Usually conceived at the same time, though?

    I'm not a woman but I'm sure ovulation should stop after conception, making this just a little weird.
  8. No, it can happen, it's just not as common. A lass in my town was 2 months preggers, when she got preggers again, however, she had to have a C-section when her first one was due, leaving the other premature.
  9. You're quite right Dr. Z., that's basic biology. Once a woman becomes pregnant, her hormones change and ovulation stops.

    I wouldn't expect women to necessarily know this though, some still think that you won't get pregnant if you do the deed standing up :lol:
  10. I never said it couldn't happen nor did I say it doesn't happen, as it clearly does. I just said it's a "little weird".

    See number 2...

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