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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wompingwillow, May 24, 2007.

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  1. hairy

  2. clean shaven

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  3. other

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  4. no prefrence

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  1. which do you like best
  2. Clean shaven - can't stand the au naturel look, get hairs stuck in my teeth. Landing strips also just look stupid, IMO.

    You weren't talking about blokes, were you?
  3. umm, womps, maybe i'm turning blonde but hairy or clean shaven what?

    are we talking armpits, legs or something else?
  4. I was talking about prefrences for hairy,clean shaven, or none
  5. If blokes, little bit of stubble all the way, please. If women, a nice pair of sidies and a goatee.
  6. oh that then; yeah a little hair for women is nice; clean shaven makes her look like a boy without a penis.
  7. Good 1 Artemis :lol: . Can I vote for Steve as well ? Still he may sideswipe us and vote clean shaven as a protest vote at having all his GB threads locked.
  8. well thats for you to deside for example I like a clean shaven chin not so keen on clean shaven anything else on a man, if i'd been spesific ( spell) the options would have gone on for ever
  9. for me, i prefer a nicely-kept goatee; for the rest, you'll have to find out
  10. or a US Marine :eek:
    Sorry. JH Could'nt help myself :lol:
  11. haha moon, fair nuff.
  12. That was a joke .my man!! Seriously
  13. :D I had a clean shaven scrotum sack a long time ago when I had my nuts zapped, rather pleasant experience have to say especially when nursy nursy found one or two pubes which needed to be removed by her fair hands, armed with a razor though! Only issue I had was when the pubes started growing back, a tad sratchy for my liking and you get more pubes than you had before when it grows back. Bit strange though seeing your toggle and two all pubeless. Never experienced getting amongst the bearded clam without the beard which would have been an experience !:p
  14. Nicely trimmed, with no crabs ,lice or sticky bits :D
  15. Ha, ha, ha (evil laugh) ha, ha, ha..... :twisted:
  16. So, is that a promise kept when shout 'Hoo raaaah' :lol:
  17. MMMMMmmmmmmm Smmmmoooothhhhhhhh :twisted:
  18. Rule #1-This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures....

    Id vote trimmed so I guess "other". Now where did I put me clippers, what grade would the lady prefer... :twisted: ?
  19. I cannot comment as I've been warned by the Mods that I'll have my RR account cancelled. :cry: :cry: :cry: So I'm keeping mum (and possible dad)... :?
  20. Surely not Steve, so much for free speech. I might come over (steady) all pink and fluffy in protest. :lol: :lol:

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