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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by sabata, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. could anyone help me with the following:

    1) what are the contact numbers for drafty these days?

    2) what is the payrate for operational zones (such as afgahn and iraq)

    3) how to apply for governments key worker house assistance

    much thanks for any help in these matters

  2. That's four questions if you include your initial one. :D

    Contact numbers for drafty are on the RNWebsite.
    Payrates for WarZones are the same as payrates for a weekend in Blackpool.
    Google key worker housing for information on how to apply etc.

    Erm, hope this helps :)
  3. JPA should answer all those.
    Drafty is contacted via JPA through your preferences. Not sure if you can speak to him personally though anymore!
  4. Each area (Guzz, Chavsville and Subland) has its own Regional Careers Drafting Advisors, that can be contacted by email, phone or if local, in person.
    The one in Guzz is at the Waterfront Manning Office for instance, but since i'm on summer leave, don't have the ring ring at hand :)
  5. Wasn't aware of that as being a CT we've our own drafting desk.
  6. Nothing to do with you being a CT mate, each branch has its own drafting desk, you're nothing special!!
  7. I'm aware we're nothing special thanks and never proclaimed to be either! What I was saying, our drafting is done through the SCU.
  8. Oooh Lamri,that touched a sore point!!!!!
  9. Think it did, didn't it!
  10. PMSL :thumright:
  11. Gentlemen if you are going to argue and use initials for jobs CT and departments SCU could on a least the first posting put down what they are in full and then the initials so others can follow the discussion with out recourse to searching Google.

    I got CT as part of a nursing qualification
    SCU Special Care Unit

    Loads of Jobs in the nursing worlds going.

  12. CT = Comms technician. Look it up on the RN website. Deal with interception of comms transmissions etc. Like to think their it! Sorry Chaz hate to generalise.
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    Pointless drivel deleted.
  14. Thats this thread finished then :roll:


    D'oh! ;)
  15. The Waltfinder General has spoken!
  16. the_matelot

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    Right, as the waste of O2 that is Aussiepint has decided to put her pointless and irrelevant views across, I'm sending this thread to the Gash Barge.
  17. PMSL :D
  18. Would it not be more appropriate to send the witch-finder general to the gash barge
  19. Seems like Higs comment didn't last long.
    Looks like DLs is still the answer

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