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Just some really slightly tipsy daft stuff that I need to get off my chest...


War Hero
Ah, drink, computers and social media...

23 is fine for ATCO.

Regards to your ex. How odd the RN discharged a mechanic that works on aircraft just because he had a significant history of drink related offences.
That's dafter than suggesting those who direct flying aircraft should maintain sobriety.


He sounds like an excellent fellow, don't do something that you will regret forever. Take the advice of an old sage and choose him over the Senior Service.

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Despite being a former CAISS RP I have no idea about ATCO. However I don't believe you are 23. Can you post a picture of yourself in your keks???


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You'll be fine, then you'll meet a submariner and realise what you've been missing all your life, woo's are all pansies.


War Hero
You'll be fine, then you'll meet a submariner and realise what you've been missing all your life, woo's are all pansies.

Unfortunately they are in your hoose while you're on patrol, shagging your bird and drinking your beer. You didn't really believe her when she said she had a distant ginger relative and the gene shows up every other kid...did you??


War Hero
You'll be fine, then you'll meet a submariner and realise what you've been missing all your life, woo's are all pansies.

You are so right, we woos may come across as pansies but itis all subterfuge to get inside a ladies knickers.Ladies empathise with poofs and unload there innermost thought onto them. Just when they thought they were safe they find themselves on the end of a wafoos dicky:lick:


War Hero
Ginger free zone in my house SC, are you speaking from bitter experience ;)
Nope, but Im pretty sure I know a few.... in the days before DNA they grinned and bore it, now they're on Jermy Vile, Maury, Springer, Trish et al. either trying to avoid CSA or do the happy dance. :dance:
My favourite is when it comes to little Timmy, and no bugger is the fadda, and she does the scuttle o'shame to the couch. While I realise its all "scripted reality", how hard faced do you have to be to appear on telly and admit you don't know which of the 5 blokes who ragged/bagged/shagged you that weekend rang the bell. Have these people not heard of Chlamydia or the herp? Bless the ladies of F-Troop, but keep your weapon covered at all times.


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I get the rich bit Froggers, but I think you're stretching the bounds of credibility with the good looking bit, but you never know, she may be into rubber suits and gimp masks!


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I suggest an ultimatim such as that only demonstrates that he recognises he's the one missing out - Give the RN career a go, give the boyfriend the heave-ho, plenty of other people out there....


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How much of the application process have you done so far?

Focus on that; don't let yourself be distracted by problems with boyfriends, as you will kick yourself if it means that you aren't at the top of your game at the time of your AIB.
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