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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by MrTom, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. Ello guys and gals,
    Future wannabe Air Engineering Officer here, or Pilot (haven't decided yet)! Going on a Engineering Acquaint tomorrow and will be visiting HMS Sultan and HMS Collingwood, so I thought I'd pop by and see if anyone else will be there (or has done it)? Its a bit late though.. :)!

    I do have a couple of questions though. Firstly, how far can you apply for two branches in your application process (e.g. Pilot+AEO)? Secondly how often will a AEO be stationed on an active ship per year? Finally, anyone got any inside info on the life of AEOs :), I've got the gist of what the role is but nothing in-depth.

  2. Hi Mr Tom!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    I see that you are considering AEO - do you already have a degree in Engineering or are you looking at the DTUS? No significance to the question - just idle curiosity ......... :)

    Oh btw - have a super time on that Acquaint you are going on!

    Edited to add: have just seen the answer to my question! Doh .........

    sorry, tom :oops:
  3. I will ask two sensible questions.

    Have you sat your RT?

    Out of AEO and Pilot, which appeals to you most, and why?
  4. Hello Tom,

    From what I can recall, the life of our AEO seems to be a cross between 007 and Mr Bean. He seemed to be in some girls pants whenever in harbour, or else leaving the keys in his wallsafe, which I, as the OOD seemed to find on a weekly basis. The contents of his safe BTW had certain Court Martial potential.

    Go for pilot - at least if you screw up it's quick.
  5. I've had my reasoning etc test (the multiple choice one) and my medical. I put the rest on hold since my exams were coming up and I wanted to focus on those! Next step is my fitness test, which I know I'll pass, the the filter, the the AIB (eek)!

    Thats the question I have to ask my self, I really love flying and I have a big passion for helicopters. I'd love to fly something like a Merlin around.. but I see myself being more of a AEO myself.. Both appeal to me, each has pros and cons! I was thinking about changing my main 'role' to Pilot, then if I fail the aptitude tests in the AIB I can see I would be accepted into the AEO role. Would that work?

    Also yes I have a degree, Computer Systems Engineering from UKC (just graduated) and starting next year *wait for it....* a MSc in Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics, Flow Management and Fluid-Structure Interaction. Wooo gotta love mind numbingly long course titles!

    Haha, sounds just like me to be honest.
  6. Just came back from it today. Amazing time, amazing people, amazing places! Its done nothing but increase my motivation and drive to become an AEO!

    Sultan was lovely, Collingwood was amazing (god that Phalanx CIWS can move quickly)!

    AIB revision time now :)!
  7. I'm so pleased to hear that! Sounds like you had a super time!

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