Just saying Ahoy there


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Hi there
Thought id say hello to you guys.
A bit about meself
im 30 live in bedford, female, im currently in sales at a builders merchant, i like movies, the occasional takeaway, i love my motorbikes, i have a Honda CBR600, i like DIY as i have just fitted my kitchen and laid oak flooring in my flat.
I have just recently applied to join the RN as an aircraft handler (2yr waiting :( ) and im due for my medical on dec 8th.

So Hello meharties :lol:


Hi dabbzie. I'm also applying as aircraft handler (female, 27) but was told it's only a 3 month waiting list for this branch?? I had been originally thinking hydrographic specialist but that did have a 2 year wait so I was advised to got ACH instead. Hopefully it's not 2 years after all.


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Hello Girls,

So this is the thread to meet like minded people then....

Welcome to RR, watch out for XRD, he's like flies around shit where women are concerned, Clown-puncher and 2 deck dash are both closet hermers but try and come across as red blooded males, you have unfortunately missed our Ron, as the saying goes, Ron has left the building.

Apart from that enjoy. :twisted:


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Hello ladies.

I'm handsome and rich and rather bored. I also collect chloroform samples and i'm known for my charm and wit. Do drop by. Welcome aboard.
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