Just received some brilliant news

Our Granddaughter has been accepted into the Queen Victoria school in Dunblane, She starts after the summer holidays. The school is funded by the MOD for the children of Armed Forces personel. A strong military ethos is still maintained by a pipe band and Combined Cadet Force section. The school has its own "colours, its own cap badge and pupils wear the Hunting Stewart tartan. Needless to say we are all chuffed to bits.
Thought you would have been better with Dollar Academy
very similar activities to what you have described but I don't think there's a MOD input as such other than the ACF .



Lantern Swinger
That's a result and a half for your family Finks. I have worked with a few ex-QVS lads & lasses in the past and all of them raved about the place. Lots of emphasis on outdoors, extra-curricular and other out-of-classroom activities to keep the little cherubs occupied, and the place has a really good academic record as well by all accounts.

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