just posted my aplication from


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hi there fairly new to website and i have jsut a quick question.

as the subject says ive just posted my form but im wondering how long does it take for them to reply etc? :D
rosinacarley said:
4to8 that really is getting quite stale now. Please desist from teasing the smallies.
Poor Thingy, how will I break the news of his redundancy. The new Mod did not waste any time in reducing the crew.


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chrisj09 said:
oh and to sgtpepperbands reply, i live in plymouth so it shouldnt take that long then?
Well everyone's got webbed fingers down there, ain't they? So it'll take longer for the postmen to sort out the mail and put it in the gert big saaacks. Then they've got to feed the 'orse that pulls the wagon...

How about going across the Torpoint Ferry and hanging around HMS RALEIGH's main gate and asking the Officer of the Day if they can take you in early, seeing as you're keen and evvryfink...

Or - and here's a long shot - give the AFCO where you applied a ring on Monday morning, and ask for a SITREP (Situation Report)?

8O :D

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