Just plain p1ssed orf!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. No its not time of the month, no its not cos "I didn't get a bit "last night--


    1/ want to divorce family- sick of being the black sheep of family whilst my brother is golden bollocks!
    2/ want to kill the old biddy who told me I was a nasty mum for not giving into screaming kids in Asda and buy them a pack of smarties.
    3/ Want to throttle the cow over the road who lets her dog sh1t by my gate- think i may scoop it up and post it thru her letter box!
    4/ want to kill whoever taught kids the words "I want"
    5/ want to kill hubby for leaving said annoying kids with me whilst he "takes dogs for a walk- but need money in case they get thirsty!!"- in other words- going to pub two roads away to give dog a quick walk!!

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    feel much better now!![​IMG][​IMG]
  3. So BH, you're a psychopath who wants to commit mass murder? o_O
  4. I've actually done 3/...
    The damned animal had been crapping on our doorstep for weeks.
    In the words of HMQ it gave me enormous pleasure.
  5. I bet that feel better of your chest now BH.....

    Now treat yourself to a nice long soak in the bath with candles and a glass of chilled wine....... :thumright:
  6. My Mum had a similar problem with a neighbour letting her dog crap in the garden when she took it out for a walk and then did bugger all to clean it up. The crunch came when mum was actually in the garden watering the plants and it happened. Her response was to turn the hose on the owner, rather than the dog on the basis that the dog doesn't know any better.

    It never happened again.

  7. 1/ remove brothers bollocks while he sleeps, then they will be your golden bollocks.
    2/ should have smashed old biddy with a can of baked beans from the trolley
    3/ dont throttle her. shit on her doorstep. and her dog.
    4/ that was probably you.
    5/ i like the sound of your husband, fair play to him.

    we love ya brazen, so cheer up chuck! :D
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    hahaha been a few hours now,,,,who do you hate the most,,,,,,hubby or dog,,,lol
  9. Having a bad day brazenhussy??

    Get over it we all have them :p
  10. Any murders commited yet,awaiting the News at Ten
  11. Good to see BH has returned to being a normal mother.
  12. For the brother, do a bit of digging and try and find some dirt on him.

    The old biddy probably did the exact same thing her self when she was a mother, or as a kid.

    Set the muck on fire and knock on her front door (dont know if crap is flamable) or smear it over her house.

    Attatch electrodes to your kids and when ever they say I want, ZAP EM!!! (only kidding i wont be held responsible when the RSPCA comes round or is it the NSPCC)

    When you give the husband the cash, put itiching powder on it, then tickle his balls so he itches them and spreads the powder. (can be bought from any decent joke shop)

    Alternatavly find a good Hit man

    Anyone else got any problems, give me a shout :twisted: :twisted:
  13. By the way nice name and pic
  14. for an update------ its monday and

  15. BH, my cousin assures me that doing Tae-bo is great at easing the pain of life. And it gives you a chance to get the your old man to look after the kids while you're away!
  16. hey no need to be so low, I have the day off work so I am taking it upon myself to get as drunk as possible, try it, it helps!

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