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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi to one and all I am a newbie to these threads and wondered what a golden rivet is?
    Do they issue you one when you join up as so many of you want to show me theirs.

    Happy New Year to all you guys and gals and I hope it's a great one for you all.
    Thanks for the support from you all and messages of support they were much appreciated.
    Seems I am not completely bonkers, just that which is expected after a few years on the lower deck of Her Majesties Grey jobs.
    I hope to be back in action real soon and until then as above wish you all you wish yourselves, except 2DD, he really don't get to insert his bone in my body, skin though I may be. I don't do basements either.
    Hope that Khaki job is still dodging the shite thrown his way in hot places and that he gets pissed and rolled when he gets home safe.
    Cheers to you all,
    Oh and oh boy what a crimbo, I never knew there was so much Pussers in one place before this one.:-D
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  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    One begs to differ.

    Good to "see" you on the site Steve. Take care & all the best Lofty.
  3. You skate, stop loafing and get back on here you lazy old bastard, I heard a rumour you've been missed!
  4. Good to have you back you old fart. Oh, and your duty weekend.
  5. Fuck. I was banking on getting your bats.
  6. I wondered why it didn't stink of piss round here lately...thought it was the new cleaners....Good to see yer Rumrat...we can just open the windows again and splash round the shake n vac !!!
  7. Nice to see that your back steve
  8. Have you been away?
  9. It lives! It lives!

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  10. Great news shippers. :-D
  11. Nice to see you back steve ....it was getting far to serious round here....
  12. Oh good I can book Jason Pierrpoint for your hanging, he uses a special metal collar which ensures a clean snap of the neck on drop.....instant death so no ultimate stiffy for you.
  13. 'kinell..... Lazarus personified...........welcome back buggerlugs......you victualled in ?......gulpers ? :thumright:
  14. Welcome back!

    Now pay up your outstanding mess fees for the time you've been absent.
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  15. Now that mess argument is one I definitely wont be involved in, fuckin OD's just payed into the mess funds, but borrowed most of it back within a day or two. The nearest I got to a SR's mess was mess-man.
    And I liked it that way.:-D
  16. Welcome back Steve. great to know that you're still around and more or less capable.


    PS. Any "Queen's" left from all that Pusser's?
  17. I'm sending you my own personal carer. She'll see you right.
    Actually I found her in my Green Recycle bin the morning
    after next-doors New Years Eve party. She's called Olga
    Vomittalott and she's looking for a good man and a British
  18. Well I never - simply splendid! :)
  19. MUMMY!! You've returned
  20. Arghhh! My Eyes! Billy you [email protected]! Think your posts ought to have a Govt Health Warning!

    Welcome back Rummers ... you've been missed ... I think!

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