Just passed my fitness test

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dave_, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Im 27 so my target was 12m 48 (edit)
    i did it in 11m 50, which is my best so far but i know im gonna have to work on it more for Raleigh.

    Like most other people (it seems) im going in as an AET which im told should be around April. Anyone else going then?

  2. good on ya dave :thumright:

    got my medical coming up soon myself, so fingers crossed
  3. congrats dave!!
  4. BZ Dave see you in the fleet if you can catch me !!!
  5. good luck on your medical, i had to wait on mine, because i had asthma when i was young they needed a written confirmation from my doctor to say that i havent had any inhalors for the last 4 years. but i got through it ok
  6. Yeh I had that too about the asthma, i've got my fitness test on Thursday, should be ok because I do a lot of running. I'm joining as an AET aswell but I was told I may be joining in February. Good luck with the medical werqpr!
  7. Hey mate

    Got my fitness test on Friday !

    Going in for AET too mate got told ill be going in for Feb maybe?

    Ill let you know if i end up going in April :)!!

    Good luck

  8. noones given me a specific date yet, i was told it could be 3 or 4 months, so im just guessing April, might be lucky enough to get in at Feb
  9. congratulations mate :thumright: , I might see you down there I join on the 17th May as an MA(SM).

  10. ive passed all my stuff just gotta wait on a date. going as warfare specialist,got told around march time
  11. Nice one mate

    got my fitness test next monday for AET,
    got told that i should be at raleigh for feb, so you might be in before april.
  12. oh right
    im still waiting to hear back, anyone know how long it usually takes to get confirmation?
  13. Passed my fitness today :) 10 Minutes 17 seconds.
  14. Hey scotters

    Got me fitness test tomorrow!

    Got told i could be down in Raleigh too for Feb for AET.

    goodluck !

  15. Good luck with that Kyle!
  16. What the hell! Whats the waiting list for AET? i thought it was a year or something. Good luck, you will pass if you have trained.
  17. 3 Months I believe.
  18. Wow, everyone i spoke to is going in as a AET. It must be crap though lol, no 1 wants it. Only joking but how comes its so short?
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 5:57 pm Post subject: Easy TARGETS!!!


    Ships they are easy targets to submarines. everyone calls ships targets what do other people think? But we are english were the best!!

  20. Heard it has a high failure rate due to the intense academic load they put on you to study.

    So quiet alot of people must fall by the waist by not studying hard enough, i dont know but it sounds hard !! im going in for AET too!

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