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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Cheesy_peas_please, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. I had my interview on Thursday and thankfully all was good.

    I think I over-prepared... I made sure I was reasonably up to date with current affairs, history of the RN, ships etc and I wasn't asked any questions on any of those topics which did surprise me. I did get a bit of a grilling in a polite way in other areas though. I think all interviews for the RN will vary though and as an old fart at 30, mine would probably be very different to somebody who is fresh out of school. I always say though that its better to over-prepare than under-prepare. I can guarantee that if I hadn't of read up on everything then it would of come up on the interview being sod's law n' all.

    Then the chap asked me at the end if I knew the waiting times for AET (the branch I'm going for); I said "I might be wrong but I was told it was 7/8 months waiting time".... and I was. He said it was now 13 months wait. I almost did a classic 'face-palm'. I noticed the other thread on waiting times and some of the reasons covering the increase.

    I'd just like to clarify 1 thing which I may of missed on the other threads... Is the waiting time from your interview date or the date you pass the RN psychometric tests (my Rn test date being 23/11/09)?
  2. From when you sat your RT.
  3. Cheers.

    So am I right in hoping that it will still be 7/8 months from the RT date? It seems that the added waiting time for each branch has suddenly shot up in the last week or so. Or am I talking complete balls?
  4. Im not so sure, as you said the waiting times do seem to have shot up in the past week. Im still a newbie myself, so im waiting on some definate times too! Hope its not too long.

    Trigger 8)
  5. nah mate its a up a shite load as no one is leaving and more is joing so sucks to be you l :eek:

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