just joined


hi all left real world in nov 62 and joined ganges,left the mob in 71,bp were offering single cabins and 50p an hour overtime,i was off,what a diff the merch was fffing brill bars and no opening hours,turn up for bridge watch half cut.1977 went over to ocl containers even better,running down to aus and nz i loved it,loved a sheila married her now have 3 beaut daughters,im not going back to blighty.
Welcome on board RR Willh. We have Ganges threads (largely defunct through neglect) here and for free speech we have Diamond Lil's - until someone closes us down and arrests the lot of us for exercising it! Incidentally the word Ganges is banned here as it upsets the youngsters. It must be referred to as: the G-Place, Shotley, Britain's Exclusive Public School for Ratings... :lol:


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