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Just joined the site!!!!


Ahoy Shipmates and Landlubbers and barrack stanchions get it!!

I'm in Pompy DYD at the moment an will be for a bit. :wink:

What's this rank system you have on the site, How does it work????
Hey and welcome to RR!

The ranking system goes by the amount of posts you make. Make more posts, your rank will move up and up and AWAY!!!!
Welcome Barny enjoy this page, after this your on your own. you'll be shot at; sniped at; and a whole lot of other things into the bargain. So if you've got body armour wear it.
PS watch the female of the species they are lethal!!!!
Barny, I wouldn't like to spoil the fun and tell tales out of school,just check around the sites. 14 years ? they'll eat you alive, poor sod. We'll all kneel and pray for you ha ha

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