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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Lamri, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. It has just been on Spanish Telly that Thierry Henry has signed for Barca for 24million Euros on a four year deal.
    It hasn't been made official yet but its on the wires.

    As a lifelong Spurs fan I suppose I should be happy that the goners are losing their best ever striker.

    But i'm not.

    I think it'll be a sad day for English Football if he DOES decide to leave because, to be honest, he's a joy to watch, just like Ian Wright used to be.
    (Right, thats the last time i'm going to be nice to the Arse, bleh!)
  2. Awwww Lamri...I'm, what can I say... :thanks: condolences from a Spurs fan, well maybe now you guy's will move up one more spot... :thumright:

    Figured Henry would leave, hasn't really played for the last 18 Mths anyways, hopefully they go out and shore up the middle and backs now with the extra loot, Van Persie and Adebayor and Walcott should be able to fill the hole left by Henry...;-)
  3. Ha!
    Don't make me larf :D
    You've had it.
    You'll be playing Brighton in a few years time, you're all dooooomed :D
  4. IF he has gone or is going, then good luck to him. But I really cannot believe we (Arsenal) only got £16 million for him when you think that Charlton are asking £17 million for Darren Bent.

    Berbatov to Arsenal then. :) ;-)
  5. ROFL, he's happy at Spurs matey ;)
  6. Lamri - guessed by your post on the Sutherland item that you'd be a Spurs fan!!!. Suppose I should have been by birthplace though!! (Enfield)

    Think we'd be better off without Henry although I agree that he has bought a great deal to the game.

    Wenger will stay at least until end of next season - then who knows?
  7. Lol, I'm the other way around mate :D
    Come from the Angel just up the road from Highbury Corner.
    Living in a block of flats being one of only two Spurs families out of 208 flats soon sorts out your sense of humour I can tell you!

    You honestly think you'll be better off without him? I'm suprised mate, he's the best you've ever had, which is saying a lot.
    Still, he's gone now (par a medical).

    In my opinion, Wenger just hasn't done it for you on the other hand.
  8. Dad's a Spurs fan (Bless 'im) but I met Bob Wilson & Peter Simpson at a friend's house when I was 10 and Charlie George lived down our street.

    Can't argue that he's the best we've had (so far) but he spent most of last season injured and seems a bit temperamental at times. At least we won't be going through the will he won't he scenario next season. (Although will probably with Wenger)

    A bargain at £16M though.
  9. TH14 'may' have been the best we have ever had, but he is now history and to be honest I believe he has lost that explosive pace he once had. Not sure if Barca are really getting the player they 'think' they are. Remember, he continues to suffer from an achilles injury which sidelined him for nearly ALL last season.

    Arsenal must now buy a replacement and soon, because the current crop of strikers are not really good enough to win the Premiership or Champs League.

    One last point though, Arsenal still finished 4th last season and that was with TH14 playing only 16 league games, so he was not quite the hero last season was he?

    Still reckon Berbatov would look great in red & white though. :)
  10. No, he won't move to Liverpool ;)
  11. Or Charlton???
  12. WTF? Rotherham have signed berbatov? Well I knew we were after a striker but I didn't see that coming! Well maybe we won't be abso-fecking-lutely shit this season after all....
  13. Don't know about that...figure Wright and Bergkamp were pretty good as well...still say they should have held onto Dennis for one more year...

    TH looked good, but it was the work in the midfield (Viera,Pires) that helped him along and any service from Bergkamp was always a plus...so he didn't do it alone...

    Wenger's not finished, he'll come up with something and with the youth on this team, they should do well this season... :thumright: (Spurs in the dust again...Lol)
  14. They play in ALL red mate. :)
  15. Lamri

    All I have to say is...

    46 years
  16. But they wear white knicks [​IMG]

    Bugger, maybe not :)


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