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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Nicks, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Just been told that all Runs Ashore in Fancy Dress have been banned on HM Ships after some of the Male crew of HMS Illustrious went ashore in Istanbul dressed as women and upset all the Locals there as it is an offence to go out dressed as a Tranny.

    Hence a certain ships company,( No names,no cap tallies ) has been told by them higher up in the chain of command that they cannot have there run ashore in fancy dress as planned in the next couple of weeks.

    They were only going out dressed as Super Heroes as well !!
  2. Bloody right too, smarten up and be proud. Ye Gods when I was a young sailor you fell in to be inspected by the OOD and Duty PO before proceeding and it looks like that practice should be reinstated.
  3. It will never last. Once the media has been laid to rest, ratings everywhere will be dusting off their high heels and mini skirts before proceeding down route alpha dressed as slappers. (As if Pompey or Guzz needed any more!) I have never understood why they shave their legs though. Thats going a bit too far.
  4. Now look what you've done, you've made finknottle post his bone opinions and silly old dits again :yawn:
  5. I remember going out on the the lash, and seeing bootnecks down the strip. They had gone out on a Nicola Parsons run ashore. For those of you who can not remember Nicola who was a regular down the strip and was murdered after a night out on the lash. Pictures were on the news everynight, displaying phots of her and pictures of her in her run-ashore rig, the same rig which the bootnecks had got down to a fine tee.
  6. I bet those long nites at sea flew by with you in the mess
  7. Finky would never have been lost for things to do at sea to pass the time, he must have had a locker full of fascinating "guess the tartan" books, and the works of Trotsky, Lenin, et al, to back them up. I'll bet the general conversation would have been rivetting round the tot table.

  8. Yes Fink, I'm sure your 3 Piece Suit was always immaculate both on leaving and returning to ship.
  9. I hope that's a wind up cos that's pretty sick. :pukel:
  10. NEGAT windup, its a gen dit. Needless to say the local Janners were not too happy about it. Many a fracas did occur during the night.
  11. If you cant think of anything good to say ...............

    Sick of bloody listening to you whining.

    Did all the blokes in "your navy" complain as much as you.

    Get a fcuking grip!
  12. Ye Gods, you mean you actually found another muppet like you to proceed ashore with? Or did you just take part in the museum and art gallery tours on organised trips?

    Get a grip ffs man, as I have said before, its now 2008 and not 1938 and I bet those winter nights just fly by where you live.
  13. C'est normal, por Royal.
  14. I can tell you this when it became my turn to inspect those proceeding ashore I never turned a blind eye where standards were concerned and the odd one or two were sent back down below to sharpen up.
  15. If no super Heroes were allowed ashore I bet the local crime rates went through the roof! Bridges collapsed, kittens trapped in burning barns etc...
  16. Not so Tall_Bloke we saved the world when required marvellously attired in our 3 piece suits that had been expertly tailored by the onboard sew-sew or Mr Lee’s down the Wanchai these works of art were usually finished off with a sharp silk lining predominantly with a dragon theme.
  17. Pity the stitching came apart after six months due to the low quality cotton used to stitch the suits together. I knew several guys who used to supply the tailor with good quality thread, whether the thread was used on their suit or not though we'll never know :thumright:
  18. Maybe but they looked the dogs bollocks with the hand made desert boots.

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