just had the best email ever!!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by aled_bryn, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. an email to tell me my start date!!!!!!

    24th october etwe

    cant wait for the day i tell lidl to stick their job firmly up their backsides
  2. Hell yeah. Congratulations buddy. I look forward to the day i tell wetherspoons that they can take my notice letter and ....... damn, gotta be polite as i need the reference. ah well lol
  3. Nice one Aled,

    Been waiting long?

    Be here in no time...Good Luck! :hello1:
  4. Congrats mate, things are looking up hopefully :D
  5. Congrats Aled! Just six months to go! ;) Good luck!
  6. i can tell you now that feeling is the best in the world lol fcuk you MR Martin!
  7. and that feeling will feel even better as i work for a reet knob head of a manager
  8. WOOT! Congratualtions mate! Good luck in your new career and hopefully i'll be doing the same very soon. :)
  9. Boring......

    I'd rather have an email from Camelot
  10. I'd rather have another one from Cheryl Cole
  11. Another one! What did the first one say?
  12. Just wondering, when was it you took your RT?
  13. Why did she say that?
  14. Dear Mr WreckerL

    Here is the court order making it illegal for you to be within 1000 yards of me.
  15. Thankyou big boy :D :D
  16. june 09
  17. just a quick one
    whats the difference between the iceland volcano and cheryl?
    the volcano is still blowing ash.
  18. oh shite didnt see that, heard today at work not meaning to take credit! no matter how fast you think you hear these sodding jokes every ones already heard it!!!

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