Just had medical - Perthes query


I am hoping to join the Navy as a Logistics Officer.

I had my medical this morning and they have had to request my medical records due to being diagnosed with Perthes disease when I was 3 years old.

I know it isn't an automatic bar, unless it is an active case - although as far as I know Perthes is only found in children. The doctor who did my medical said she hadn't dealt with it before, but in the handbook it says that if my last x ray shows I am clear of the disease with no further problems then it will be sent to the station commander (I think that's who) for a final decision from them.

I just wondered if anyone on here has been in the same situation? Unlikely as perthes is reasonably rare, but would be a comfort to know if someone has got through before. As far as I know my last xray was clear and I know I haven't had any problems since.

My peak flow was also relatively low - but I am hoping this is because I am recovering from flu and a bad cough - but I need to do that again.



I had a relatively minor condition as a youngster that I disclosed to the doctor at my first medical. I was then told by the doctor that my GP would need to contact them in writing to confirm that I hadn't had any recurring issues regarding this. Once this was obtained and it all checked out I was organised another medical where the doctor glanced over the letter, asked me if everything was ok and then declared me medically fit.

If you're anything like me and haven't suffered from your condition since infancy then I'm sure you'll be fine, however, I don't proclaim to know much about the seriousness of your condition or the circumstances (time, severity ect) that the doctor will be able to declare you fit.

I speak only from my personal experience and there will be tons more people on here that will be able to give you a more reliable answer to your question - nonetheless I hope I've helped a bit!
Mine was also relatively minor as well and I was cleared by the time I was 4 so hopefully it will be okay!

Thanks for letting me know your experience with it - obviously everyone is different but it has put my mind at rest!
My 'Perthes' lasted up to Age 11 from around age 8, although it wasn't quite Perthes, the doctors diagnosed it as 'Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head'.

I had no surgery, just was told to not be as active as I usually would be e.g not put loads of weight on it and not play football etc.

Not really sure how this will go down on my Medical, suppose I'll just have to wait and see, haha. Mine developed alot later than infancy although it was a milder case, plus I haven't had any re-occouring problems since (I'm 18 now.)
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