just got date for raleigh.

hi all off to raleigh on the 28th sep.:headbang: can anyone tell if i start on this date what date will i pass out .just so family can make some plans . thanks burnleymitch. ps any one around the burnley area going arount this time.
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5th December. Unless you get discharged or backclassed.

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.


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what would be the reason you get discharged or backclassed....thanks
After your interview you'll have been given a copy of an attestation form (RN Form S3049).

Within the form will be a list of possible reasons for discharge such as your right to submit notice to quit after 28 days (up until week 26), an undisclosed medical condition becoming apparent in the first 56 days, disciplinary issues, failures to meet the physical tests such as the swimming test and the fitness test, failing to pass criteria tests such as kit musters, written examinations etc.

If unsure, or if you haven't got a copy of the form, give your AFCO a call.

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