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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Merlin28, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. Speeding 3 points will this affect my application? They are the only points I now have.
  2. Shouldn't affect it (although I'm not the expert), however I recommend you inform the AFCO
  3. I got 12 points and a ban, mine was ok!
  4. He was talking driving Tuts, not floor shows :wink: :)
  5. My lads mate (both joined Jan 09) had a ban prior to joining. Said mate then went on to TWOC a car during his training and is STILL in..!!!

    *Now where's that skippers daughter..??*
  6. He nicked a motor and didn't get thrown out?? 8O
  7. I got caught trespassing on the railways when I was fourteen fined ten bob my father was ashamed. That's it you now have a criminal record you will never get a job!!!!
  8. Ten bob you must be ancient, what is that equal to in current money?
  9. Fixed that little slip for you.

    Don't play the smartarse you'll get ripped a new one. :evil:
  10. Sorry it was probably the wrong part of the forum for that. :lol:
  11. No probs.
  12. I got my points when i already had my joining date, told my CA at the pre entry brief just to be honest. He just said that no one has a clean licience and that was it.

    Hope yours aren't a prob.
  13. Now my lad is a 17 yo 3 badge OD who has seen more waves than mexican groundsman. I suspect his dit was glossed with a little 'top-spin'.

    That said, me and a wee bootneck were caught carrying out an attempted TWOC back in 79 in Chatham DY and got away with nothing more than extra w/e duty.

    How times change!
  14. Found a ten bob note once. It was like a lotto win.
  15. Do you mean it was like winning the pools? :p
  16. Got done for speeding in the mid 70`s £40 Fine+ Endorsement. :oops: 2weeks wages (3=a ban)

    Whats it now?£60? days pay?+3 points 12= ban.

    Easy life. corse we ad it ard then :D
  17. Not forgetting Spot The Ball Cash prize one thousand pounds. Mate's mother won in the Liverpool Echo yonks ago. Name published etc. Along pops a letter from a woman in Liverpool I see we have the same name are we related. Buy a lot for a grand in them days

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