Just found out my wife’s pregnant - advice?


So just found out my wife is pregnant.

I’ve just completed PRNC last week and have a joining date for the end of January.

I know I need to notify my AFCO.

I have my final entry brief tomorrow, should I tell him before that or st the meeting?

And will they delay my entry date? I know from passing the PRNC you can delay entry for up to a year. But is it compulsory?


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Your wifes pregnancy will not delay your entry unless you ask for a delayed entry date. AFCO won't make that decision for you.


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Let your AFCO know straight away.

If it's a first child, I'd be inclined to defer entry until after the birth, once your partner is 100% happy you have the support mechanism at home and she is comfortable coping in your absence. For first time parents, be aware your priorities will change significantly, despite what you may think beforehand. Your partner may decide she doesn't want you walking away from your parental responsibilities....particularly if the blues kick-in.

But, if your partner is 100% happy and understands you can't always come home at the drop of a hat, crack-on joining as planned.


I appreciate the advice.

This is indeed my first child. She has family close by but it’s the experience I want to share too. I’ll speak to him tomorrow and chat about deferring the joining date.

Thanks again.

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