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Just for you RJ. Worlds 2nd Ugliest Woman.


Just up RJs street.

In case you wondered who came in first place Davina (dog) McCall.


War Hero
Super Moderator
Re: Worlds 2nd Ugliest Woman.

Wonder how much she paid to join the Jacko fcuked-face club 8O


Re: Worlds 2nd Ugliest Woman.

lol!!! Bad Times! Shes all fucked up! Did she pop out like that or surgery gone wrong?


Re: Worlds 2nd Ugliest Woman.

Thats the Bride of Wildensteine from New York City , to much Plastic Surgery , I work in Plastic's at Derriford and have never seen fxxk all like that , kinnell


Lantern Swinger
Pwhoar, now your talking!!

I never thought god would be kind enough to grace us with a woman with piss flaps between her legs as well as her face!!
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