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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. Sung to the tune of "Heartaches by the Number" .......Guy mitchell
    For the sprogs who don't know it


    And the biggest of OD's JESSE :D

    Mess decks by the hundreds, ships sides by the score.
    Every time I painted a twot,they give me fuckin moor.
    Now I've got blisters to me elbows, and hands that have no skin,
    I hate the fuckin buffer, I'd like to do him in.

    Back in 1965 the PO said to me,
    your not just an arsehole mate, your also an OD,
    Now I don't give a fuck I said, cus you're a fuckin Yid,
    but the bastard wasn't deaf as well ,so he made me lift my lid


    Fu[/b]ck up number two was out in Singers,
    I had never been out there before,
    For hours and hour I spent my dosh on Tiger, Kytes and tats,
    And then I sobered up and went for more.


    Now I've got syphilis and typhus, Gonorrhea as well,
    Every time I try to piss, my bell end gives me hell,
    Yes I've got malaria and singers dog, and now its Singapore ear,
    I've been honking like a ferret, god get me out from here.


    I've been here for two years now, I'm a friggin star ,
    I'm on first names with the doctor, and the staff in every bar,
    My cock has grown three inches, my waistline it has shrunk,
    Cus I never seem to eat much, I'm always fu
    ckin drunk.


    We went on a mess run, down in Bugis street,
    A kaytai tried to munch my bunch, he grabbed my bastard meat,
    I smacked him with my tiger tops, I thought I'd give him hell,
    But the bastard filled me in the twat cus he's a bloke as well.


    So now its time to come home and leave the FES behind,
    I thought I'd never miss the place, just put it out my mind,
    My memories would never go, cus in my mind they lock,
    But I brought a souvenir home,....and its dripping in my sock.

    So now its mess decks by the hundreds, ships sides by the score,
    Every time I finish one the Andrew gives me more,
    They gave us all a medal, a GSM with bar,
    But I also got another its the old VD and scar. 8O
  2. :geek: There you have it straight from the horses mouth. I am offically the R.R. BIG SCREAMING O.D.,It's a state of mind. 8) I've got long hair a neatly trimmed set, eight tattoos , an ear ring, two neck chains one a St Christopher. the other mini silver boxing gloves, three rings on each hand and a heavy ID. bracelt. That's at 71y.o.a. 8) When was in other O.D.s from around the fleet flocked to me to learn at the feet of the master. :p I also know all the words to every Guy Mitchell song,but unlike 2 badge mango I never had the foresite to keep my 78s a bit chocka about that. :(
  3. A little bird told me that your B13 for AB has just been issued :wink:
  4. I've a plan. We know that 2 Badge lives in York. You set up a meet and I'll follow him home. When I call you, you call him and tell him he's left a squid on the bar. That'll flush him out.
    Then I do my Zulu warrior through his window, or limbo under his door and hey presto.
    Whats it worth?
    Don't say three years if were caught, think positive. :D :wink:
  5. Good on ya Rum rat 8O
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Pigeon pie tonight, that B13 is'nt making it. :wink:
  7. Blackpool eh?, perhaps you would like an Insurance job, I can do it cheap. :wink: 8)
    Have you a "New for old Policy"? :roll:
  8. You are forgetting that I am 2BM's wingman brushteeth
  9. We'll cut you in Stirl don't worry, a little treachery keeps you active and tingly. :D :D

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