Just finished week 1 at HMS Raleigh


The first week was great fun, however daunting you soon get into it, I have seen a few on here should be arriving this evening. I wish you all the best
Hi Wrighty, any general advice for the first week?
Also, and this is an extremely stupid question, the boots issued at RNAC. They were black, but the leaflet that comes with them says brown polish.

Should I be on / offing them with Black or brown polish???


First of all, don't **** with the PTI's, they will make your life hell. You don't need brown polish, most of the stuff, on offing with black, make them look good for when you get here
Cheers for that. And we had a sneak peek of what annoying PTI's leads to on RNAC.

And good luck mate. You Might wind up being my senior


Don't use any gimmicks on your kit .... good old spit and polish will bull them boots ....good luck .


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@WrightyLeft not as hard as you thought ?
As long as you are fit and have the right attitude and application skills you will do well. As for PTI's if you are on top of your game and very fit, baiting them is fun, I always did.
Good luck, enjoy your journey and New life.
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