Just finished the selection process


Lantern Swinger
hey guys. I'm going in as an ETWE. I passed the selection process just last week. I was curious, because the waiting times are so long does that mean we'll have to be retested on anything between now and our entry date? Another thing, i passed my fitness test on thursday 15th oct. Should i get a letter with an estimated date of entry any time soon provided i have passed the security clearance?
I had to wait so long my fitness test expired and I needed to do it again. If you're waiting more than 12 months expect this to be the case and don't let your fitness slip.
your test lasts for 3 years from the date you sat the exam.Security clearance lasts 12 months if not enlisted into service within 12 months you have to get cleared again.Usually the careers will not security clear you untill the waiting time has passed for your specific trade.Also medical lasts 12 months too.Not sure about pre fitness test.but to be fare you should always have no problem in passing this.Hope this helps.


Lantern Swinger
Just found out that i'm now just awaiting my entry date into raliegh. Everything is now complete. If i do end up waiting over 12 months as is almost certain, then all i have to do is go for an update interview and do another fitness test. Rang them up and confirmed this yesterday.

Never been happier :D

Now to play the waiting game...