Just finished basic training at Raleigh

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by will!, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. Just thought i'd give a quick post to say i passed out yesterday from hms Raleigh and the weather was spot on for it.I also have the added bonus of passing out on easter break.Its been challenging,hard but also great fun at times and the bunch of lads and lasses i was with were spot on.For anybody going in or thinking about going in as long as you have the right attitude you'll do fine and theres no better feeling than passing out infront of your family after the 9 weeks.Sultan here i come!!
  2. Good News!

    Well done!
  3. Well done mate! Good to hear it!
  4. Well done young thruster. Enjoy your career.
  5. Congratulations.
  6. all the best red arse! enjoy the next 3 years down the NAG till you bang your chit in! see you in the fleet hahahaha
  7. Well done mate. Only another eight left for me!
  8. Congrates on passing out.

    I pass out very little nowerdays as I have learnt how to handle it, but well done your on the right road. Commercial road is another right road and you can pass out after you've been down there as well.
    Try the Golden Fleece, or the Albany, but it is worth noting that you need to go to Pompie first.
  9. RIP albany *sob*
  10. I take it the albany is dead? Is the Fleece still alive?
  11. Well done. enjoy the leave and enjoy the remainder of you service...
  12. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Albany is indeed dead, The Fleece, however, I have only ever heard of in Shep Woolley songs or by ol' b'stards. I joined in '86 and have never been in the Fleece, nor would I know where it was. Safe to assume then that it is dead also.
  13. Found mention of the Fleece in Pompey:


    and a pic:


    and a bit more:

    The Golden Fleece 37-41 Commercial Road, Landport

    Externally similar to the Trafalgar on Fratton Road, this old pub once stood at a location where Commercial Road has since ceased to exist. Built in 1867 for the Simmonds Brewery, the house later became part of the United Breweries' estate before ending up in the hands of Brickwoods. Sporting both these companies' names in this photograph, the pub survived until October 1972, when it was demolished for large scale redevelopment.
  14. Here are pictures of the Albany:




    and the background info:

    The Albany/The Mighty Fine 106 Commercial Road, Landport

    Originally the Commercial Hotel and also once trading under the names of Smiths Hotel and The Dive during the late 19th century, many will remember this pub during its time as the notorious Mighty Fine. Rechristened as such in 1976, the pub sported a new guise, but mighty fine it certainly wasn't! The pub soon became known as one of Portsmouth's most infamous drinking establishments - note the lack of windows in the photograph to the left! The Webmaster recalls a cavernous one-roomed pub, with a DJ's booth in one corner. The pub also featured strippers and was thus popular with the Royal Navy.

    The Mighty Fine eventually became seriously rundown and a major refurbishment in 1991 saw it reopen once more as the Albany (reflecting the name shown on the attractive tiling by the entrance doors). The house enjoyed a resurgence in popularity from then on, once again with the Royal Navy for whom the pub arranged 'service personnel only' nights. For reasons unknown, the pub closed its doors some time in 2006 and in May 2007 was the subject of a planning application to convert the premises to a Northern Rock bank, with flats above, though the company later backed out of plans to go ahead with the occupancy. There now remains only two pubs trading on Commercial Road - once a street containing numerous drinking establishments.
  15. Thanks for those two items Sol, brought back some good memories. :)
  17. Congrats Will! - go for it....
  18. My favourite was the Yorkshire Grey...lots of 'apples' drunk in that watering hole...
  19. Sol although it was a bit upsetting to find out about the demise of the two watering holes, I really appreciate you posting those two items, I am obliged to you.
    They were both in commercial road on what we referred to as the strip. It was heaving with pubs and as any old hand will tell you it was the place to be. Dead handy for both Vicy barracks and unicorn gate, Aggie Weston's and the traff. The other two main places were the Rose of England, The mucky Duck, and if you went down the hard we used the Fess (Festival) bar the pavilion and the ship Leopard.

    Fcuk I'm frightened to ask about antwhere else.
  20. I suppose Pompey had to develop but I just wish it had have been latter rather than sooner.
    I recon us old fcuk ups should just do as they recon in the fables and fade away.

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