Just completed the RNAC at HMS Caledonia.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Murph, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Just arrived home today after a brilliant 4 days away.

    I would advise anyone who is offered the course to go on it, its very worth while and get a chance to talk to ask lots of questions that you may not think to ask at the AFCO.

    Lot of team work involved, and PT.----> What a bitch that is!!!

    Got 11.2 on the Bleep Test.
    10.13 on the 1.5 mile run.
    Marksman on the sa80.

    Had a go on the GPMG, what fun that is.

    Also visited the very expensive Ship simulator.
    All in all alot of fun.

    EDIT. Also going to the AFCO tomorrow to put my name down for the Reserve list for Raleigh incase anyone drops out.
    Just thought id share that with you.
  2. soon as i get a chance mate am going on this just got to wait till after 31st may till they start it again for people without joining dates
  3. There is no such thing as a reserve list. If there was everyone would be on it and that would just be the same as the original list.
  4. Honestly mate, its brilliant. 3 lads bottled it.

    One got off the train turned around and got back on the train ha

    One missed home and left the next day. (mummys boy)

    One nearly drowned so went home.

    I feel fitter already, make sure your fit for when you go aswell.
    You'll be one step ahead of others when you go to basic.
    Oh yea learn hospital corners aswell. :)
  5. did you find anything out about ws that you never already know?
  6. i went to murph was really good i enjoyed it i would also recommend it to anyone who wants to join the navy. :D
  7. Yeah I missed out on my RNAC at the beginning of the month because it got cancelled due to snow. Which was a bummer.
  8. I guess you got there ok in the end?? :wink:
  9. sorry what is GPMG :(
  10. haha how did you know i got trains mixed up on way there ?
  11. Haha well as i understand you gave the wonderful Runcorn a visit?!

    The wonderful world of facebook, did you keep your hands out your pockets?
    :wink: :D
  12. General Purpose Machine Gun

    Google is your friend :roll:
  13. ......alot of fun :p
  14. haha completely forgot i posted it on fbook yeh managed to keep me hands out me pockets tar for heads up
  15. cant wait to use one of those little beauties!!
  16. I was one of those on the Ark Royal this week with the RNAC. Had a great time.
    It was the first time a lot of the lads had been on a ship. I was lucky enough to spend 5 days on HMS Ocean last year sailing back from Malaga on a families trip.
    Did loads of stuff like helicopter rides, live fire rounds, fire control etc. Had a brilliant time on there.

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