Just completed medical - Waiting on fitness test - Improving Fitness

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Solent19, Oct 29, 2015.

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  1. Hi All,

    I completed my Diver medical yesterday and am now waiting for my fitness test date

    Any tips on ways to get my time down on 1.5mile. I last ran it in 10:48 still above that 10:30 mark needed


  2. Just keep running! I would make sure you're practising on treadmills as well as roads and I found in the end the best way to get my timing down was to perfect breathing techniques. It's finding the balance of not thinking about it too much but also making sure it's working for you! There are plenty of tips on this site, but it's more or less practice makes perfect and getting to know your body and it's capabilities!

    Good luck :)
  3. Taa, I feel like I could run for ages but I get so damn bored, worst thing, need something to take my mind of the whole scenario.

  4. Honestly, when you're there doing the test the time just goes. Adrenalin kicks in etc... I was in and out. I found repeating in your head 'it's like 10mins of your life' also helped :D
  5. 10 minutes on a treadmill, if only it felt like 10!:(
  6. Run lots, build mileage up and the pace will increase as you get fitter. Throw in intervals/threshold/fartlek/hill training sessions.

    Mostly when it comes to it just go for it, it's 10 mins and 30 secs of hard work minimum.

    Keep smashing them out

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  7. I will break through this bordem barrier!, how long did you wait after your med before your fitness came through?
  8. Who me?

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  9. Yeah, just wondering what usual waiting times are really...
  10. Can't remember it was quite a while a go

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  11. Do some fartlek sessions, these massively help with the fitness tests, also hillreps and the more you do off a treadmill the better,
  12. i passed my medical the Saturday (24th) just gone, this morning Thursday 29th i received the paper work for my fitness, so i just had to call the fitness center where i will be doing my fitness test and booked in for my test. i booked in for November 17th but i could have booked it for sooner, however i decided to give myself an extra couple weeks to just smash out some more fitness before the test.

    after receiving your letter saying you have passed your medical and need to book a physical test, You HAVE to book and take the test within 28 days.
  13. Did a 10:30 run yesterday - Started slow 10kph for first 2mins then went up to 11kph for another two minutes then up 1kph every minute, I hit 17kph and managed to run 2.24km in 10:30, feel like if i started at a faster pace I'd have no trouble, slowly but surely getting there
  14. good effort mate.
    i did a timed 2.4k on Monday and i got 11:10 so 1 second too slow :(.
    i have my fitness in 2 weeks.
  15. I recently completed the fitness test on Tuesday in 10:33!! My PB by 24 seconds which I was quite chuffed with as I could only manage 13:04 three weeks ago.

    The best way I found to complete the test was to run the first 500m-600m at 15kph and then run at 13kph until the last 400m and just crank it up. I mean 13kph solid from the start should get you just in at 11:05 (according to the fitness instructor who did my test). Just ask them to motivate you when you do the test which should give the extra couple of seconds you need. I still think I can run it in sub 10 minutes with a little bit more effort and more training!!
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  16. Slowly getting there, recieved fitness papers today gotta book asap
  17. well done mate, i passed mine today.

    what are you joining as ?
  18. I'm going in as Weapons Engineer Officer on a Submarine :) Yourself??

    Well done as well, what time did you manage??
  19. ah nice, going in as ETME , i got 10:38 :D
  20. Bike accident on the wya home from work the other day, couple cracked ribs, meant to have PJFT tomrrow, aboslutely gutted, cannot run if my life depended on it!

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