Just bought an Audi S3

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Nails, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. And it goes proper quick. I got 140mph out of it on the motorway last night.
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    LMAO :rofl: bought!

    As last series of top gear pointed out, all kocks now drive a Audi.
  3. Jealous or what?
  4. NO!!!
  5. Bet you are lol
  6. Only when i banged your mum on the bonnet of it and jizzed in the ashtray!!!

    Bit slow up your neck of the woods today is it monger?? :twisted:
  7. Well I've been taking your daughter and mum out in it and getting my mate Winstone to fist them both *********** in the woods while we einjected them with smack. We then pissed all over theim and left them in the woods. Dirty slags in your family the lot of them. Your daughter is a whore and your mum is an ugly diseased old trollop who needs slapping around and abusing.
  8. Predictable. Been done before sweetheart......bit like your mum actually although it was me who anally intruded her first with a baseball bat!!
  9. I admit it is rather old hat to go down the "mum joke" route. But it seems to be your main tactic and so I followed suite. I kind of feel ashamed of stooping so low though. It's not really very effective and I'd like to think I'm above such vulgarity.
  10. It's a piece of junk

    It's just a common A3 with some trim and the engine from a Golf GTI.

    So even if you weren't lying as usual, you bought a load of shit.
  11. What's a good car then NotmeChief?
  12. [​IMG]

    Look at that - sleak, built in spots - and the only thing close to a car you're ever likely to get.
  13. What car do you drive NotmeChief?

    Try answering like a man too and not hiding behind poor jokes and insults.
  14. Poor attempt at a bite spazzer!!
  15. How is it a bite. I'm interested in what he drives. He says S3s are junk so just wondering what amazing motor he drives.
  16. Erm because your spouting your usual dogshit aint ya!!! :roll:

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