Just bought a new printer. Why?

Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by SONAR-BENDER, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. Well, as it says in the title, I have just bought an all singing and dancing new Epsom printer/copier/scanner. Since there was absolutely sod all wrong with the old one, why did I buy a new one!


    The old one ran out of one ink colour. So, being Scottish, I bought 'compatible' cartridges. Hah - it told me they weren't Epson originals and wouldn't play.

    I went to my local hypermarket and bought the new printer for 39 Euros - a steal, when the set of 4 cartridges is 46 Euros!!!! ('Only' 26 quid on Amazon!)

    So, why do the 'compatible' cartridges not work? Isn't this illegal, as my choice has seemingly been removed. I think I'll go and get another new printer before they are all snapped up!!

  2. No this is not illegal epson make cartridges for there machines and expect us to them ,but this is where the grey area comes inif you do manage to get " compatibles that work)and they clog your machine they (epson say they will not mend it in or out of guarantee a friend of mine had this problem a while back .i hahave a px800fw and have tried compatibles just one here n there and none of them have worked they did on the earlier models c62 c42 etc but not the modern one seems as if they have cracked it
  3. I bought a HP printer/scanner etc and found later the ink cost more than the printer,into the bin it went so I bought the EpsonCX125 scanner etc it refused to feed the paper although the inks were reasonable so that went into the bin besides I could have dinner the time it took to print a page.
    I've now bought a Kodak ESP C315 for £79 and it has the cheapest ink,£20 for full set of inks and the printing speed is good coupled with the good colour in photo's.
    We'll see if it jams though.
    I've been plagued with printers from day 1 as I never buy an expensive one as a light user
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  4. A friend of mine owns Cartridge World in our local town and seems to know a thing or two about these things. He reckons Epsom ink and printers produce the best results BUT they also have the best security on their cartridges, making them very difficult to 'chip'. The result of their security is that many compatible cartridges won't work or, if they do, will only allow you to use about half the ink before your printer tells you the cartridge is empty. The printers are, of course, a lost leader and the company makes most of its money from the replacement parts i.e. cartridges. His advice is to get an HP printer if you want pretty good results and want to be able to use non-genuine cartridges but if you want the best results from photos etc, then you're better off with an Epsom printer and a second mortgage to buy the genuine ink.
  5. Known fact, if printer head knackered buy new printer - mega cheaper.

    Epson = Seiko who have always defended their products with technology.

    Kodak I reckon is the route now if you want to use branded ink - way cheaper after you have forked out a tad more on the actual printer.
  6. I had a similar experience with Epson stuff some years ago, so stayed away from it; bought a Canon BJC2000 cheap from Staples, then found that the big cartridges were on special offer at PCW, so bought a couple of those too.
    PCW also 'do' their own ink refills - compatibles - and kits for refilling the originals via a syringe through the top of the cart moulding.
    Never had a problem with any of those, and the thing was still going strong when I eventually gave it to my son when he moved out.
    Waspie's bang-on about their 'product protection' though; however there are a few firms who do constant feed kits for the 4-pack Epson system fed from 250ml bottles. The kit costs around £55 with four full bottles, but if you put that against the cost of ten sets of originals at a fiver each you're onto a winner.
    I'm still using my HP Photosmart ATM, a good allrounder but bloody noisy - and I refill those with inks out of the bottle too.
  7. I just purchased a HP PHotosmart 7515 printer and downloaded the software but it is failing to print. Was on the phone with HP and the procedures they have had me do doesn't solve the problem. So they said to contact Apple. Can you help me?
  8. I seem to remember something about printers having an absorbsion pad that soaks up any excess ink, when that gets full the printer he no worky and he no mendy, I have an Epson and get ink off Amazon (non Epson) that work fine
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  9. Spot on Sharkey. I had two Canon printers that suffered from swamped pads!!!!!!
  10. Two printers and one woman.
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  11. I have that problem first thing in the morning.
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  12. Outed! - You are Patrick/Swampy and I claim my leaky hot water bottle...

    Belay that, Youse can keep it; fill it wi' your own wee wee and thus keep y'sel warm and steadily dripping = Situation Normal.

    See how kind I am?


    Back on Track:

    Noting that Pontius's post was from way back but my man at our local Cartridge World swears by the Canon brand; he refilled two batches for me only this afternoon at less than half the Canon original price.

    My experience is that Cartridge World's look-alike Canon refills have never given me a squidgeon of trouble.

  13. Thank feck for that - I thought I was the only one that was having this problem!

    I had something similar recently, bought an Epson from ASDA as it was on offer and bought some replacement ink at the same time which was handy because when I opened the box I found it didn't come with any (or a connecting lead but then if I had read the box right I would have seen it say that). Contacted Epson about the ink and they said go to place you bought it then gave me a complaint reference number to quote. So I did that but got nothing but a blank stare from the Generation X-box behind the counter. Thought feck it, doesn't matter, since it was working anyway. But when it came to time to replace one cartridge it said it couldn't recognise it. Thinking it may be a faulty cartridge I bought a complete pack to replace the lot as the others were getting low and loaded them in, but it still refused to work.

    So on Sunday I went to PC World and bought one of those Kodak wireless printers they are advertising at the minute, as I was discussing this self-same problem with our IT people and they said Kodak were their recommendation for cost-effective printers for home office use. Haven't set it up yet but hopefully it will solve this problem. I too seem to be cursed with getting printers that end up fecked, but the one before last was due to the kids smashing the scanner glass. Muppets . . .
  14. The other month I organised a client with a Kodak wireless printer. A v happy chappy when it went in all tickety boo.
  15. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I have to back up Pontius - being in the enterprise ICS game you tend to get quite complacent at home and I've been royally caught out with my Epson all in one, which whilst it produces superb results it drinks ink like a clanky guzzles HSB and refuses to accept any compatible cartridges. When I checked with a mate who is a sales director for a printing company he said much the same as Pontius states. The chipsets are being ever more stringently manufactured to try and make compatibles not work. His advice was to go for Kodak as they offered the best value OEM cartridges.

    So I too am at that point where I can pretty much buy a full set of original Epson inks or buy a new device - ridiculous.
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  16. My Canon MP610 muli functional scanner etc., Using Canon ink normally £60 ish for all 5 cartridges using compatibles on Amazon for pack of 2 X 5 cartridges £10.99 always had same quality even on Photos, only brought the printer to go with Camera, turned out to be a good printer, by luck not judgment, and the Canon rep was on site at PC world gave me discount deal done.
  17. I've got a HP ScanJet 1725 (or it could be a 1527) whatever ... seems reasonable on ink and runs on Cartridge World compatibles with no problem whatsoever at about half the price of pukka HP ink. Also got a Brother Laser for the routine B&W stuff which the tonor is quite cheap for ... only replace the drum when the quality is bad - so about half the price of a HP laser to run.
  18. Had probably the best experience here with them. Used to work in a computer shop and we sold thousands of compatible epson cartridges. 1 pound per cartridge. Had one problem a day I would say on average out of about 60 cartridge buying customers

    The trick is to put one in at a time. By this I mean put one in and go through the cycle and let it charge it thinking it has charged them all. From here nine times out of ten it worked.

    If it doesn't. The Customer hasnt noticed they agreed to a firmware update to the printer. Brandishing all compatible cartridges unusable

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  19. Gave up on inkjet printers a few years ago. Pointless waste of money. I use a Brother laser printer. Then buy the toner on Amazon for $50 a pop. I toner drum lasts for 5000 pages. About a year or so. If I need colour I use my local Kinkos at 25c a Pop or the printer at work. (Quality control check) :)

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