just booked my holiday!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dabbzie, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. I rang my local AFCO wednesday to see if I could go on the RNAC, called me back today and im going on November 8th, could have gone sooner but couldnt get time off. Get paper work in a few days I guess.

    BTW im only joking about the holiday bit, I now have something to aim for with my fitness, im working hard but least i know im not training for 2-3 years time or whenever it is they decide they want me for good.

    Any tips massively appreciated

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Hi D

    My only tip is get fit!! Even for the RNAC. I was there a few weeks back and 60% of the group failed the RN fitness test time. The PT and staff were not impressed at all by the preparation.

    It is a great few days though and sucks ass to come back to the every day crappy job.

  3. cheers si. Im trying my best, running aint my thing, im giving it my all.
    They strength test you as well??
  4. You have a min to do as many press ups as poss, then a min for as many sit ups as possible.

    Then circuit training and the RN swimming test. As long as you give it your all and def don't walk!! you will be fine :D At least be able to do your run time.

    To be fair, we all mostly had 3 months notice so no one should have any excuse.
  5. cheers for that.
  6. The word is arse.
  7. come again Guzzler?
  8. I'm going on two acquaint courses. I was hand selected to go on a pilot course called RNAD (which we did at an army barracks), which is a one day acquaint course and i'm going on the RNAC next year.

    Most of my group failed their PJFT but I came home in third place out of 30............not bad for a 31 year old grand dad! Actually, there was one girl who beat most of the guys! She came home in about 6th.
  9. I think he's just re-positioning you on this side of the Atlantic, Si.
  10. I see :lol:

    sucks "arse"..Sorry Guzzler didn't mean to offend :wink:
  11. Its good fun, as long as your fit you will breeze through it. :)
    Meet some quality people there too :)
  12. Hi, I've just passed out of Raleigh last friday and biggest recommendation I'd say on fitness is to do alot of interval training. Prepares you for the more challenging tasks you undergo!

    Good Luck & enjoy your RNAC :)
  13. Well done Swampy!
  14. Cheers tommo, onto Sultan next..
  15. Well done Paddy Pissy Pants. Good effort.
  16. Well done matey

    Good luck with P2, drop me a pm and let me know how you find it.

    When are you off?
  17. Cheers, going end of august :)
  18. Well done.Give my regards to Sultan. :wink:
  19. just a quick re-post to see if anyone is going to RNAC (RPC) week commencing November 8th?
  20. 'Its all bottoms with you Americans, isnt it?' B Fawlty.

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