Just Been Drafted to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by d25trident, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi all

    Just been Drafted (i mean assigned :thumright: lol jpa talk now) to NP Afghanistan in Dec (non Preference) i am a Submariner, and apart from what i read and see i don't know much about what to expect, i am off to Nelson in aug, for some course and to draw my kit, but i was just wondering, if anyone has been there and what to expect, ie whats the accommodation, and messes like, is the Booze and is there a kandahar bop :thumright:


    just been Binned, now got a DASO Draft, cheers for all you help
  2. Wow, you must be on the new super stealth sub they use in the sandy areas
  3. naghh mate, they thought the Army needed a lesson in Health and hygine.. lol
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Current Affairs? Your 'assignment' hasn't made the broadsheets yet.

    Perhaps you should ask a real WAFU or a Booty. They are more likely to have been and come back. You must know some, being in the Navy and all. As it is, your approach smacks of lazy Journo.
  5. you will not need to worry about a hangover, its DRY. the accomadation is simular to that at Basrah, a large tent for up to 8 with netted pods as an individual bunk/cot space. it is, so far, in the camp safer than Basrah Airport from attacks from "the locals"
    my advice is get yourself a strick training programe, a hobby or some educational/promotional course sorted as you may have ample time to study whilst you are "off watch"
  6. Not just them types SD, we had two STOKERS sent out there :)
    I'll give you the same advice that I gave them.
    Don't kick something metal and spikey, and can I have your porn :D
  7. Well your a friendly 1 Arnt you, Lazy Journo lol ok m8 sorry can you move it please to a more appropriate forum, and as a 20 year submariner based in Scotland, i have not come across many WAFU's....

    Thanks mate, i wonder if theres such a thing as a Sand activated Knee

    lol @ Lamri, nice 1 m8 will take that in and remember it
  8. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The course in August will tell you all you need to know.

  9. you may joke there has been a couple of them about, (honest ones) and sand activated physco act HA HA HA
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I reckon your sub will have to get a fair bit of speed up to surface in Afghanistan.

    Hope that helps.

    Can I have your flip-flops?
  11. lol yehh coming from a Stoker, im shocked you know of this word SPEED!!

    oh i luv the Banter
  12. just remember that ALL the kit you will be issued ALL will be of use and you will need it ALL out there with you.

    all i can say is you may need PLENTY of pro-plus for your OPTAG OMG
  13. yehh OPTAG i have it aug, i read the DCI/RNTM, but all i can see is lectures about working with interpreters and pay and then there is 3 days at longmoore camp whatever that is.....
  14. If Longmoore is the one near Dover then its my mate who's one of those running it, i'll see what I can find out :)
  15. Cheers Lamri, that would be great, a bit off a heads up cracking, the OPTAG is 2 weeks but this longmoor is 4 day,s,
  16. Nope it is not in Kent but conveniently located next to the A3 between Liss and Liphook and there is no "e" on the end of Longmoor. Good luck in the rocky sand pit.
  17. Thanks, but whats it all about then
  18. Don’t know the in and outs of it all, but fairly recently a WO2 that I know didn’t go to Afghanistan as he couldn’t pass RNFT.
  19. During OPTAG you spend about 3/4 days at Longmoor. They teach you about anti-ambush techniques, hiding in holes full of sand and general "avoid getting your bollocks shot off" type stuff. If you need more info on the RN PDT package you should contact the RN Mounting Centre in HMS NELSON, who run the package. Good luck.
  20. Diesel Boats forever...

    Dolphin 41

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